Busan, Republic of South Korea


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In my previous post, I did say I will write on my trips, places I had been to and reviewed for TripAdvisor.

I have decided to write about Busan as I can still feel how much I loved it there. The feelings that are attached to the memories are still rather strong. I do not just remember loving it there, I can still feel it in my heart. Thus far, of all the places I had been to, Busan attracted me the most. Perhaps the attraction spawned from my liking of Korean dramas and that I learnt basic Korean language. Perhaps it was all because of the amount of love I have for … keep guessing, some of you may just get it right πŸ™‚

Before my trip, I browsed through suggestions by TripAdvisor and Korea Tourism Organisation websites for places I should visit. Since I was travelling alone, information readily available from these two websites were really useful. My advise, be prepared before travelling. Yes, spontaneity is fun but a certain level of preparation will be good. I do not plan a day by day itinerary for my trips but I would have a list of places of interest I wish to visit and the list has the tendency and flexibility to change when I get to the destination. There should be a balance between spontaneity and proper planning and we call it flexibility.

So, now, to Busan. It is a modern city big enough that it can take an hour travelling via the subways from one side to the other side of Busan. Imagine how much you can choose from, to see, to experience. Some of the places of interest I visited include the Yongdusan Park, where the  Busan Tower is located, BIFF Square, Gwangbokro Street, Busan Modern History Museum, which I lost track of time at, Haeundae Beach and its surrounding area. My reviews can be found here -》TripAdvisor-Gina-Busan  There are about 20 reviews of different things.

For the feast for your eyes, here are some photographs I took.


The Busan Tower at Yongdusan Park


The view from the observation deck of the Busan Tower


Haeundae Beach


Gwangan Bridge


TripAdvisor – An Honour



Who has not heard of TripAdvisor? No? I do not know what to say to that …

I have tried a number of similar sources of travel assistance and I always go back to TripAdvisor. The most reliable, in my opinion, thus far. Granted, nothing is perfect. It has it flaws but this is where contribution from the members are important. For example, I stayed at a lodge which was not listed on TripAdvisor but recommended by Booking.com. It was located at a very if not the most strategic location, surrounded by the places of interest, mostly if not all, within walking distance (I tend to walk a lot when travelling alone). Being a reliable source of information that it is, it quickly adopted advice and recommendations made by its members. As a Senior Contributor and selected Asia-Pacific Insighter, it was not difficult to recommend to TripAdvisor to include new “items”. Now, the lodge that I stayed for almost a week for is in the list.

Anyhow, the introduction above is meant to thank Trip Advisor for all the assistance they have provided and the honour of selecting me as the Asia-Pacific Insigther. In that honour too, I was recently congratulated by TripAdvisor for being the top 3% reviewer in Kuala Lumpur. I would say that although it is not perfect (as most things are), it is by far one of the most reliable sources of travel information. In this honour, I have decided to do a weekly post on the places (be it eateries or attractions) that I have reviewed. Follow the link if you wish to visit TripAdvisor -> Β http://www.tripadvisor.com.my/

Until then, have a good weekend.

Top 3% Reviewer in KL with over 22k readers

Top 3% Reviewer in KL with over 22k readers

What Do I Say When …


Some of the things I say when applicable –

(1) Who I am today, is thanks to who I was yesterday. Who I will be tomorrow is not who I am today

(2) The tears that fell, unheard and unseen by others, usually came from a deep place, deep sadness, deep regret, deep emotion

(3) I can smile so bright it takes you out of your pain, but that bright smile may not necessarily take my pain away

(4) When you have no choice but to go on, you have no choice but to go on

(5) A hopeless may hope less. Hoping less does not make a hopeless

(6) If some pictures can say a thousand words, a smile can hide a thousand pain

(7)Β A bright sun does not always mean hot weather as a day without sunlight does not always mean cold weather

(8) Actions may speak louder than words and words may carry no weight but action means nothing if what others hoped for are words

(9) Before you decide to fake it till you make it, answer yourself honestly, when you have made it, is it real or is it fake?

(10) I can never be you as you can never be me but the least we can do is put ourselves in each other’s shoes

(11) The answer to “How are you?” is usually “I am fine” because I am fine but not great and because if I say “I feel great/wonderful” or “Fantastic”, you will either hate me or assume am in denial

(12) Just because am not perfect for you does not mean am not perfect to another

Paper Qualifications vs Experiences

This is a subject matter many have differing views on. Since this is my “space”, I will focus on my views.

Both are equally important and this general perspective has some general exceptions. Having paper qualifications may and may not make a difference to some profession. By “profession” l am also referring to job descriptions not falling under the category of profession(als) like those governed by professional board or authorities or statutes such as the legal profession. Take a chef or a cook as an example. Would you care whether the chef or cook actually graduated from a top culinary arts university with the highest grade and the highest degree level or whether the chef or cook has a masters degree in any area of the culinary arts? Have you ever asked this question, “Where did this chef graduated from?” Do not lie! Have you really, ever.

Now, let’s take a lawyer as an example. What do you think? A lawyer who has been doing the same or similar work for years would not require to have a masters degree for what he or she does. Having said that, l do believe that having a masters degree would only put him or her at a place higher than the lawyer of the same par. However, am not saying that having done the same thing for years makes one a master at it. I came across a handful of people with seniority in number of years of practise but still lack knowledge and experience.

I have roughly 9 years of experience as a corporate and corporate finance lawyer with experiences in both in the capacity of an advocate and solicitor and an in-house counsel. After roughly 4 years of practising law as a corporate and corporate finance lawyer, I took and completed a masters degree. I am currently certified as a master at corporate laws. Having said that, the laws are ever changing and progressing. Unless I continuously educate myself of the development, I must stop disclosing my masters degree. Naturally, others could expect nothing but a certain high degree of understanding of what I have claimed to be a master at. It is only fair. This is why l completely disagree with the current minimum requirements imposed by most universities in regards to eligibility to qualify for applications for a masters degree. It is unacceptable to me that anyone can apply and qualify to further their studies at the masters degree level. A person with no experience whatsoever or lack experience should not be allowed to qualify! I came across a handful young lawyers with masters degree during my course of interviewing candidates for the legal department. Save for one, the rest with masters degree but without sufficient experience looked rather highly at their “value”. I thought I would do them service by telling them how employers and hiring mangers look at them. I had no intention of putting them down but reality is, their masters degree had no advantage at all. In fact, it made them somewhat over-confident.

Anyhow, what am trying to say here is that, I think that depending on circumstances and some factors, whether paper qualifications take superiority over experiences, is a matter or question that cannot be judged and remain as one over the other.

No offence intended but seriously, I think rather very strongly, that universities should impose and maintain minimum experience requirements before allowing an application for a masters degree to be accepted. A masters degree is one step nearer to a PHD.

Words; The Weight They Carry

Some say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Some also say, actions speak louder than words. I sometimes say, do not say a word if the words you are about to say are empty; saying things only for the sake of saying things. Many would say, do not say anything if you cannot say anything good.

About pictures being worth a thousand words, well I guess some are, for example, a picture that is extremely breathtaking, so much so it leaves you speechless, unless of course you can say a thousand words in one breath. Not all pictures are worth a thousand words although they leave you breathless, as they may perhaps leave you breathless because they are shockingly horrible. Once you regain your breath you go ahead and describe them with words like gross, horrible, terrible, this picture should never have existed, or even make you scream at the top of your lungs, WHY?!

About actions being louder than words, well, as a person who is not good at telling people my true feelings, I suppose I should say I agree with the concept. Not really. Honestly, after the passing of my father, I thought I should learn to let people I care about know exactly that, that I care. I still find it extremely difficult to do. On the other hand, the recipient of your good intentions may perhaps rather hear you say those words rather than questioning your true intentions and assuming that you did all of it because you care.

I am a strong believer and practitioner of the idea that people should not speak only for the sake of speaking as it will only result in the waste of good time. However, I do not entirely agree with the believe that you should not say anything if you cannot say anything good. If being honest and truthful means saying things that seem like bad things to people is not allowed, then we are letting people go on in the wrong direction. If a person sings horribly, are we supposed to say that he/she was good? Or should we rather say the truth, that either he/she stop singing completely or to learn how to sing properly? If we did not tell the awful truth, he/she may even end up getting hurt worse.

I suppose perhaps the point I am trying to get across is moderation. No one concept or idea is ultimate; fixed and constantly applicable. At times we all have to agree to disagree. At times we have to make choices and meet in the middle. No two persons always constantly think alike. But I think we can all agree that we should not speak only for the sake of speaking. Trust you me, I am not writing this post only for the sake of writing πŸ˜‰

I wish all of you good days ahead of you and God bless.

Sensitive, Not Just A Word

Well, since the beginning of the mysterious disappearance of MH370, the issue of sensitivity came up again. The public have been constantly reminded to be sensitive. Now, how sensitive should a person be? What is the level of sensitivity one individual expects from another? This can be rather subjective, perhaps.

At the risk of sounding insensitive, in a country where anything can out of the blue become sensitive, my view is that one (the person facing the grief or difficulties) should not expect the other to be grieving the same way. That is plain unfair to the other. Sometimes, even when I try really hard, I fail to feel the same kind of grief. I have experienced loss of people near to me. Today, I am still grieving, in my own ways. I have never expected anyone else to grieve the same way as I do. So, it is not because others are insensitive, but others just do not feel your kind of grief. So, perhaps try and understand that you can not insist for others to grieve the same way as you do. Put yourself then in their shoes. It is difficult if not impossible, for you to understand and experience the same kind of grief the other is experiencing. Some people do not take long to move on. This doesn’t mean they did not grieve too. They are either –

(1) have had enough grieving;

(2) move on rather quickly;

(3) have their way of grieving that it does not show.

All we should not be, is becoming an opportunist. Pretending to be grieving can both be good and bad. Your intention of showing your sensitivity can be mistakenly construed as trying to gain “favour”. As such, I think sensitivity should be at a modest level acceptable to everyone. So, we need to be careful in whether or not we should be sensitive. Also, to what extent should we be sensitive … the answer is, put yourself in the shoes of the other person, those you expect to show some sensitivity. Also, not too expect too much from others.

Facial Room Malaysia, It’s An Experience

Well, I usually try my best to stay true to my believe, that is as hard as I work, I play. I too am a strong believer of self love, as in to love one’s self so much that others will love you as much as you do.

So, in order to live life like that, I travel, I go to the gym, I play all sorts of sports, I go to spa, manicure/pedicure, etc. I love being cared for and pampered by the usual spa treatments and facial treatments. However, I do not really like to trouble myself though, in order to enjoy them. For example, I visit the gym on the way to work or home; convenient and economical. I get facial done at the place I get my body rejuvenating treatments. You get my drift.

So, not too long ago, I was invited by my sister to try having my facial done somewhere else, a place that does only facial. It is called Facial Room Malaysia. I am declaring here that although it is owned by my sister, as always, I will be impartial and unbiased in my opinion. Those close to me would agree that I do have this capabilities.

Let me start by saying that I love the facial place that I have been visiting for more than a year now. Not just because it is convenient since it is at my body spa but also because of the therapists and their techniques. Coming back to Facial Room Malaysia, it made reference to “room” appropriately as there is only one facial room. This gives you the assurance of some sort that focus is on you and there will be no rush attending to other customers. I do not know whether it is just me who feels that way … anyway, you will be required to fill in a form of which the therapist would be able to identify your skin problems and your concerns, and your allergies if any, which I think is good. I really do not like to have a conversation while pampering myself!

Once consultation is done, you are good to begin. I must say, I was very pleased. I did say earlier on that I love my current facial place and therapists and their techniques, but you would have to try this Facial Room Malaysia yourself to understand what I am about to say. From the moment the session began, the feeling was just … wonderful! The relaxing music and the non intrusive techniques are just so comforting! It felt like I was almost getting high on something. As a person with sleeping problem, having felt that comfort that almost immediately put me to sleep was just amazing! Seriously, am not being biased but go over and experience it yourself. Then tell me am biased!

Facial Room Malaysia uses United States based products called Paula’s Choice. There was no chemical smell, no strong perfume smells and felt just right for my skin. My thought, it was because the products used were based on the answers I provided in the form. I must admit, it was not just the products but the techniques too. At the price the experience is offered, I say you do not just have nothing to lose, instead, you have something to gain. So, do try Facial Room Malaysia to experience the comfort and gain some real quality service and “me time”. You would have to call prior to visiting as  only booked clients would be able to experience the session. Details are as follows –

Facial Room Malaysia
13-00-01 Arcadia Tower
Danau Impian Condominium
Taman Danau Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur

T : 6012-3632702 (Nana)
E : facialroombeautycenter@gmail.com
FB: facialroombeautycentermalaysia





Music Knows No Boundaries. It’s The Very Thing That Unites

From the title alone, there would be almost no need to clarify further, but no, I will go on to express my opinion.

I grew up listening to all sorts of music. I listened to these; The Beatles, Boney M, Bob Marley, Take That, U2, Michael Jackson, The Scorpions, Nirvana, Metallica, Whitney Houston, Leslie Cheung, Faye Wong, Sheila Majid, M Nasir, etc. I used to love listening to the OST from the Hindi movie Taal. I love OST loads. Now, I expanded to listening to OST from Korean drama series. Oh, I even started listening to Anuar Zain and that did kind of surprised my sister a little bit. I attended Indonesian bands shows and the International Jazz Fest. I listen to Mariah Carey, David Guetta, CN BLUE, Ning Baizura, John Newman, Shakira, Florence and the Machine,  Pink, Dido, Coldplay, Muse, Kelly Clarkson,  Regina Spektor, Lana Del Rey, Padi, etc. Well, the point I am trying to get to here is that I listen to all sorts of music of all sorts of genres. I cannot seem to put a limit to what I listen to. I do not believe it is because I do not have a “music or genre identity”. It all depends on my mood. I was introduced to The Neighbourhood by my brother and I am currently liking them loads.

However, I still do not quite understand what it is meant, this genre falling under K Pop. I know some of the songs because they are that famous, like Girls Generation and of course, Wonder Girls, from that global hit song Nobody. I have never really bothered to find out and understand what the wave is all about. To be honest, I was afraid to be called a K Pop fan. I thought it was uncool. Nonetheless, I continue listening to and loving OST from K drama series. Bit by bit, I discover how talented some of them are. Some if not most of them are highly educated. I have to say, I am not afraid now to say I like Baek Ji Young, although her genre is not really that of K Pop. Did you know that Psy studied music at Berklee or have you been to busy trying to avoid being labeled as K Pop fan. The very fact that he got in, that to me is good enough. I suppose because I think highly of Berklee. Well, what do I know. I cannot sing like a brilliant singer nor can I play musical instruments like Alicia Keys.

My second point there is the answers to these questions; is it so shameful and uncool to like K Pop?; why is it okay to love English/American songs/artists but not Korean songs/artists?; why was it okay for the Indo Pop or J Pop wave to happen but not K Pop?

I have learnt to not be too quick to judge. I will learn more about what K Pop is all about before I decide whether or not to avoid being labeled a K Pop fan. My thoughts on why there is such strong sentiments here against K Pop are either because the K Pop wave happened like the tsunami only that the waves continue on strongly or because it is not very cool to like people who look pretty all the time especially boys looking pretty. I personally have no problem with either. The wave can be like the tsunami and if it brings good things with it, the waves might as well continue on. Boys looking pretty, why should it be a problem?

Anyway, I hope like me, people will learn to appreciate the art in music, regardless of where it is from, what language it is in or what genre it is. Music is art and it is global. It has the ability to unite nations by uniting people of different nations, through the love they share for the music and artists they love.

More love and peace are what we need as the world becomes a harder place to live in.

This is of course, my personal point of view.

Winter in South Korea


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My second trip to the beautiful Korea. I brought my brother with me. Few people thought it was suspicious that I visit Korea 3 months after my previous trip to Korea. To me, it is rather simple. You keep doing things you like doing. You keep drinking and eating drinks and food you like. I keep going to places I like =)

Anyway, here are some photos. We started with Busan (how I introduce Korea to my brother) and proceeded to the intended destination, Muju Deogyusan Resorts for some snow experience. Enjoy the photos πŸ˜‰


Can you see the snow flake?


Snow was falling and wind was blowing strong.


Thousands of people!


It was not as easy as it seems.


Am not sure why a bull …

Do let me know if you want to know how to get to Muju πŸ˜‰

KL – Busan – Itaewon – Nami – Jeju-do – Busan – KL

I usually take time off in the month of November. Usually for two entire weeks. for the past 3 years, the trips had been to the European side of the globe; United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. This year, after preparing for almost a year by taking language classes, I travelled to the Republic of Korea. I started my journey from Busan, moved up to Itaewon, down to Nami island, further down to Jeju island and back to Busan. I spent roughly a total of eight nights in Busan. The first week on my own and the second week I had my sister joining me in Itaewon. I fell in love with Busan and I loved the nice weather of Jeju island. The interesting part about my trip is that I intentionally had it during the Busan International Film Festival. To top it of, it was in the autumn. The weather was almost perfect. Actually, just perfect. I was even so lucky that I arrived at Jeju island a day or two after the typhoon passed by it. I did not experience any bad weather. Thank God for that ;D.

I decided from the beginning not to carry with me any of my brilliant cameras; just go with my brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3; with 13 mega pixels. To be honest, I was just too lazy and wanted to just walk around. Anyway, here are some of the photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.



















I was really engrossed in walking everywhere that I did not actually actively snapping photographs. I really loved walking around and about the places I went. If I have to use one word to describe the holiday, the word will be “PLEASED”.

On the note, it was perhaps not too inconvenient for me as l could read Hangul and able to speak and understand basic Korean language.

Malaysian Passport

We have the option to either pay for 2 years or 5 years validity. As known to all, the passport need to have not less than 6 months to be able to travel.

For Malaysians, if we renew our passports for 2 years, the remaining 6 months cannot be carried forward into the validity period. We are only allowed to carry the remaining 6 months if the previous passport validity period if we renew for 5 years.

My question is, why? Does this mean that the fee paid for renewal of passports valid for 2 years is actually fee for 11/2 years?

Truth Is…

The truth, do you really believe in telling it? Do you honestly believe that you have to always tell the truth? Even when it will hurt?

I believe that there can be few reasons for a person to decide to tell the truth. It need not always be for the simple reason that it being the truth. The following are some of the reasons that came to my mind –

(1) selfishness. For selfish reasons known only to the person
(2) to hurt. For the simple reason of hurting another person
(3) to escape or get away. For it is your ticket to escape the thing or person holding or binding you.

Truth is, whatever your reasons may be, the truth tend to surface, sooner or later. It is usually a matter of time. Whether you do it, tell it as it is and face whatever consequences that come thereafter now, or later…

Between Reality & Fantasy

Reality. It is supposed to be the world in which we live in. However, often we wish to escape; no matter how great our days turn out to be. We then either create fantasies that we could escape to or indulge in those fantasies created by creative minds. Fantasies are simply our get away, our escape from reality. Reality is that even when our reality is what appears to everyone else as (almost) perfect, only we have the power to actually certify. Reality is that sometimes we find life, difficult. Reality as what it may appear to others, may not be your reality. For those who constantly feel the need to escape their reality, constantly find the need to live in their fantasy. In the worst of circumstances, they fail to differentiate between reality and fantasy. They then get lost in their own fantasies. They lose grasp of who they really are. They lose their identities.

Escaping to my own fantasies, not something I will deny. It only proves a healthy mind.

Human and our attempts to govern

The law is there to protect AND to punish. If it does not, than it is because it is lacking. It is lacking because it is human made and human in nature. Sometimes it fails not because it is lacking. It fails because the enforcement is lacking. The law can be so perfect that it addresses every point there is, that there exist no lacuna, but the enforcement is a failure; and this failure is human nature. Human nature is to protect his/her own first before anyone else’s. Human nature is to save himself/herself first before anyone else. Human nature is to protect and defend one’s own self first.

Nevertheless, it is also human nature to use and abuse. It is human nature to use all means to gain for own self. This should not be acceptable human nature. In fact, this should not be a human nature. Just because we are human and we are created differently does not mean this is acceptable. What makes us different at the end of the day is our conduct. What makes us are mainly our surrounding; how we were brought up and what we go through in life. Granted that what we go through would affect how we think and behave but God gives us all brain to think. To differentiate between right and wrong. Between good and bad. Going through bad things in life should not make us bad. Going through bad things should teach us to care and understand better because we know how bad things can be. Going through good things in life should teach us to be humble because we know we are blessed. If only we all can think this way, the world would be a better place. Believe that God will give you what you deserve. Just because what God gives is hardship, does not mean that hardship is what you deserve but it is the indescribable joy of what you gain after going through hardship is what ultimately the gift from God.

I believe that our deeds will all be punished and rewarded. If we believe in punishment, we will not consider doing evil things (to others). Just because there will be benefits, does not always mean that every good deed is done only with the thought of the gain.

To the person who recently made many people sad and heartbroken, I know we cannot wish you bad things as bad things will happen to those who wishes bad things, but I cannot wish you good things either. Out of anger and heartbreak, I wish to not forgive. Out of the faith I have in God, I will have to forgive. What goes around does come back around. Life is a cycle. One day you are up next day you are down. If God is kind to you he may delay the punishment and make you feel and see the punishment being paid forward. This kind of kindness that God allows, will perhaps make you hated by your closest.

So, if we believe in God, if we believe in justice, believe that all our deeds are accounted for. Does it matter whether we are paying for it or our parents or partners or children or grandchildren will pay for it? Someone will have to pay. This is just God’s way and his grace.

Have a blessed life. Joy is felt in our hearts and not worn only in our smiles.

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Friday Random Thoughts

I was told that someone somewhere was made for me. The question is who? Where is this someone? Is he looking for me or should I be looking for him? Have we crossed paths but did not realise that we were made for each other? Could it be that he was made for me but I was not made for him? Could it be that I was made for him but he was not made for me? How do we know… whether we were made for each other? These questions make me feel sleepy. I feel sleepy when I feel like there is nothing I can do to get the answers or get things done…

My thoughts, on how do you more or less gauge whether your are right for each other is when you do not just make each other smile, but you make each other happy deep inside. Something that you can only feel. You may be able to smile even when you are not happy. As the saying goes, fake it long enough, it will come naturally. Do it long enough, you will be able to convince yourself that you are smiling because you are happy.

You are the right person for the other person if you bring out the best in him/her. But does he/her bring out the best in you?

Also, if you are lucky enough to have met your soul mate and the love of your life, but they are two different persons, who would you choose? The soul mate who understands you sometimes even better than you understand yourself and more than able to make you smile and forget your worries or the one who is the love of your life who is capable of bringing you happiness beyond imagination but is also capable of hurting you the most? Would you choose to be content or to be happy?

Cuts, bruises and such

Lately, I have been going through circumstances that made me realize some things. Yes, something serious but enlightening, at least to me…

I realized that in life, we will go through hurts that cut us so deep that the brain simply choose to forget them. The emotions are completely shut on the matter. As if it never happened. As if we have never felt that hurt before. We go on living like that. Until an event or series of events occur and open that box so tightly closed and sealed. When this happens, when the box is opened, each person chooses to react differently. Some may choose to reflect on the matter. Some may still choose to ignore and put them back in the box and seal it even tighter. Some may choose to keep the box in storage and some may choose to throw it out into the open sea fearing that the box will accidentally be re-opened!

By choosing to reflect on the matter, a person may be able to resolve some if not all, those unresolved feelings and problems that he/she had been unable to figure out. Some may turn into a (much) bitter person. This I believe, will depend so much so on the character of a person.

I will give an example of my recent enlightenment of a part of who I am. People seem to have trust issue. I do not. Simply because, trust, to me, is not something that I have or give to begin with. I do however, believe. What I believe is that one way or another, everyone around me lie, cheat and do things with the thoughts of having advantage of doing it, not just for sake of doing or wanting to do things. If they have not, one day they will. The good thing about this is that if they do not act as expected, they are considered to be out of the norm and they get bonus points. I would consider that good things happened. If they behave as what I believe, they act as expected, I will not be caught by surprise or be hurt by it. I sincerely apologise if anyone reading this post is offended by what I just wrote, but that is my truth to you. Those close to me know this truth and they have been getting the bonus points hahaha

Anyway, what I have been trying to say is that I realized that I too had experienced cut so deep that I forgot all about it. How my truth in trust came about… No, I will not tell all here on the experience. Enough to say that the experience and the hurt, change people. For better or for worse. It is a form of self defense, the mechanics understood only by the brain and the heart. Oh, in any event, my references to hurt is not just the kind of hurt that one would cry his/her eyes out. Hurt, as I have experienced, does not always entail tears.

Goodness! With this post I just realized this Monday has suddenly turn into a “heavy” Monday. Nevertheless, it is still a good day, with Kimora Lee being in town and such hahaha Yes, I would really love to see the fabulous lady…

With this, I end this post here.

XOXO and have a blessed Monday.


λ„€. ν•œκ΅­μ–΄. This blog has unintentionally been on a hiatus due to my work load. There are friends I last met many moons ago! I sincerely apologize. Although there is a saying that you will make time for those who matter. In my case, what time left were spent either on myself or my family. I do believe in putting one’s self first and then the rest follow.

Anyway, what am trying to say here is that I will try to spend more time here and meeting up friends, old or new. I will tell you guys about all the good (or bad) food I have been having hahaha.

그럼, until next time, take care πŸ˜‰

The Present and The Future

I feel like the title does not sound interesting and does not fully capture my intention or the content. What should the title of this post be? Read through and suggest it then.

Well, what I am trying to tell here is something that happens quite often. It also reminded me of a television commercial by KFC. You see, people (usually of rank) have the tendency to behave a certain manner towards others who they feel are less significant or lower rank. It is sad to say but that is something that is common. It is not right but often tolerated. This, am not sure why so.

The thing about people and fate is that one cannot tell the fate of another. Today you may be of higher position but tomorrow the other person could be of even higher position than you are. I have seen bosses treating their subordinates with no respect. What will theses bosses do when some years later, these subordinates are decision makers of their employments? Say for example a partner of a legal firm and a lawyer practising at the firm. Years later, this lawyer becomes the head of department of a company. As a lawyer, be it a partner or a legal assistant at a firm, our job encompas servicing our clients. The day an ex-employee becomes a client will be the day everyone remembers how they treated each other. I have been lucky to have gotten ex-bosses who treated me well. It would be difficult and awkward if I was not considering my position today.

Coming back to the point I was trying to make, I see no reason to treat subordinates badly or with no respect simply because they are of lower rank. You will never know if one day you will be “bowing down” to them instead. Notwithstanding that, superiors or bosses must never let their subordinates disrespect them or take them for granted. Being nice need not necessarily mean throwing away your position. That will also make you a bad boss! There will be people and instances where there is a need to “put them at their place”. Until that day come, rank pulling is not necessary.

There are people (colleagues), even advisors, who do not care much for what the other person say when he or she is not of higher rank. It is common that these people only care about what the bosses say, until they see, who the bosses listen to! I find it most enjoyable to see this happen. Sometimes I feel delighted to see their faces that say, “Shit!” I often feel like saying, “You see, this is why you should not be disrespectful” but most times I choose to just enjoy that moment. It is a nice feeling to be able to slap someone when they deserve it but I personally think that it is even better if the person slaps his or her own face, with his or her own hands!

So you see, before you treat someone with disrespect, remember that that person may turn out to be your “boss”! Ultimately, you gain nothing by treating others with disrespect. So, I see no reason why anybody would do that, on purpose.