​Getting there –

Our driver initially could not find the hotel. I guess it was so since we arrived late night at the hotel was not clearly visible at night. But in the morning, I noticed how strategic the location is. 

Checking in –
It took around 10 to 15 minutes maybe? I can’t be sure since we arrived so late but I estimated the duration noting how we could all still chat while finishing our welcome drinks before we all got our individual room keys. It wasn’t very quick I suppose. 

The room –
The bed was just perfect I went straight to dreamland. The room was so quiet although the hotel is located on the main street! Awesome is when you get to wake up to a beautiful scenery like the Royal Palace and the Mandalay Hills from a far. 

The bathroom was clean and equipped with the usual complimentary toiletries. The shampoo was particularly nice in comparison to most hotels. 

Other features –
I remember the food was good. We had buffet dinner. The selection were aplenty to choose from and the taste was good. The breakfast was comfortable too with again plenty to choose from. 

Conclusion –
I didn’t stay anywhere else but unless someone recommend a better hotel with better location (I doubt it), I think I would choose to stay here again.