​It was a business trip. Stayed on the 11th floor where the reception was separated. For higher levels, the reception is on the 10th floor. Had I gone there alone, I would not have expected that I should just go up to the 10th floor to check in. I didn’t notice any signage but I guess knowing that everything had been arranged I paid less attention. 

Checking in –
Checking in was quick. Nothing fancy or lacking. Nice part was that the higher floors get to enjoy the perks of a different café / restaurant located on the 10th floor. Gives you that exclusive feel to it. Our breakfast and tea time were there too.

Room –
I love the room. The bed was nice, the pillows were perfect I wished I didn’t have to get out of bed, the bathroom was clean and nice and had this nice drawer containing the usual complimentary toiletries. Just nice …

The location –

The hotel is not too far from the airport. It is also not too far from a shopping mall. From my room I could see the sea, which is nice although I could also see loads of construction works being done. Around the hotel and across the street you can find plenty of eateries. So, generally, location wise was good.

The complaints, if any –

The lobby / lounge, is noticeably somewhat old. There was the sense that it wasn’t kept at its best. The restaurant on the right hand side as you enter was not really that great but it was okay. I didn’t try the lounge café on the left hand side of the hotel but I noticed it was frequently occupied. I guess it is just nice to sit there and unwind since the music was not loud too.

Conclusion –
The bed and everything in it just made me wish I could spend more time there.

P.s. – The Group Director of Marketing Communications responded to the above review on Trip Advisor.