​The Pod is not difficult to find. Located opposite Park Royal any taxi driver should be able to get you there without a fuss. It cost me SG20 from Changi International Airport to The Pod. Not sure what the journey would be like if you were to take the bus but the bust stop is right in front of The Pod. MRT station (Bugis) is within walking distance. I travelled through Singapore via the MRT save for the journey from the airport as it was raining. 

Check in was a breeze too. The Reception was good. The manager/reception at that time brought us for the tour of the Pod, that started from the lounge and dining areas which are just next to the reception desk to the common bath and vanity area and finally our Pods. We were briefed on the simple rules. The areas look nice and tidy. Can’t help but thought of the coffin when I first saw the Pods. Initially, I felt warm lying in the Pod as I chose the front entry Pod, which means I either change the direction of my sleep position head in feet out vice versa. It was a bit of a struggle to have a good sleep as I could easily hear movements of other occupants, going up and down their Pods (I got the upper Pod). I have stayed at hostels of 12 people per room but my stay was a lot more comfortable than this. I am a light sleeper but I had no problem sleeping comfortably in the other hostel. I suppose next time I should try the side entry to see if it feels as warm as the front entry. I chose the front entry to avoid “disturbances” when people walk by…
There were big luggage backed to the walls as the drawers underneath the Pods were enough only to fit cabin sized luggage. At first I did not even notice the nice sofa in the room because of the bags but of course, this is not due to any fault of anyone. Each Pod comes with a bath towel, a drawer and shoes drawer outside the room. The drawers are based on your Pod number. Pod-ers are given complimentary mineral bottled water for every day of stay.
The common areas are spacious enough for a considerably small space. The bathroom was extremely comfortable, one of the parts I love about the Pod. The lounge is comfortable as too the dining area. 
As accommodation in Singapore is known to be on the higher side, it is an option that most travellers cannot resist. The fact that coffee is free flow made me said to my friend that we have no reason to hang out at a café. It would be brilliant if there is a balcony but not having it is not a minus point.
All in all I think it is not that bad. In Malaysia, the place we hang out often are referred to as the “port”. As such, the Pod can be the port too 😉