Right, this post has specific targets and you know who you are. If you don’t think this post is addressed to you, I suggest you take it as a reminder 😉

Here goes nothing.

If you are –

(1) someone who is not one to ask how your friends are doing

(2) someone who is not one to organise a get together with your friends

(3) someone who attend once or twice out of 5 get together arranged by other friends


(1) are not a friend indeed

(2) are a selfish prick

(3) have no right whatsoever to say a friend should not be selfish.

I keep my list of friends in check and revise them when applicable. Quite a few have lost their positions in the list. We all have the rights to choose our friends. I choose to keep the real ones and discard the fakes. Life should be simple. Keep what’s good. Leave what’s bad.

That’s it for now. Remember, friendship is also a type of relationship that requires efforts. Don’t expect efforts from a friend when you have not put any or even attempted.

Roses for my friends who survived another year in the list 😉