So, appears as if I have gone on another hiatus, from posting anything here but I have been eating here and there. Every time, l thought, this time, l will write about it. Did not materialise until now. My apologies. Anyway, today l decided to write on the place l visited not too long ago to celebrate my brother getting his first paycheck as a cook. Good for him. We are all very proud of him. Also to have a surprise birthday party (not really party in that sense) of my youngest brother who turned 16.

Anyway, my brother made a reservation at a Thai restaurant called My Elephant. The reservation was for 830 pm. We were only allowed in at around 9 pm. We are aware of the crowd hence the reservation! This alone gave a bad impression to me. It did not start off well. So, we got in and were seated. We ordered the following and my views for each of them are provided underneath the photos.


Plah Nhung Manow (MYR 58) – Brilliant! I avoid eating fishes because I cannot take the smell and swallow that fishy taste of fish. Well, people said to me, if fishes do not taste fishy, how would a fish should taste like? I meant that slimy-not-clean taste. But this dish was far from fishy. It captured all the “essences” that the dish should have but without losing the tender taste and texture of the fish. l will give it 5 of 5.


Green Curry Chicken – (MYR32 for big serving and MYR19 for small serving) – This is supposed to be their best dish, came highly recommended by most reviewers. l beg to defer. I have tasted much better green curry from Sri Ayutthaya and Tamarind Springs. l will give it 3 of 5.


TomSom Seafood (MYR62 for 8 pax) – Good. It was good. It was how it should be. The hot taste of the soup kicks in after some idle time. You will not feel like the soup was hot when it goes into your mouth. So, be a little careful not to sip it too much at one go. I will give it 4 of 5.

We also ordered kailan and eggplants. They were okay. Both get 3 of 5. As for the rice, it was Hom Malee & Brown rice. I loved it. Not too dry, not too sticky, not too starchy. I will give it 4 of 5.


For desserts, we ordered mango with glutinous rice (MYR8.50) – Not that good. I was rather disappointed. To add on to that, the bowl used was chipped. How can any restaurant use chipped plates, bowls, glasses and such! I will give it 2 of 5. Not so much because the bowl was chipped but the taste was that a 2 of 5 to me.

Generally, summing up the service and the food quality, l will give My Elephant 3.5 of 5. It is unacceptable for patrons who made prior reservation not to be seated on time. We were there between 5 to 10 minutes earlier to ensure that we get to be seated at the time we were supposed to, but sadly, no. I find this unacceptable. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised by the pricing. In total, for 8 people, it cost us less than MYR400.

You can check the place out if you want an alternative to Tamarind but I would spend a bit more at Sri Ayutthaya for its more authentic taste. In the end, it is all about personal taste and preference.

My Elephant Restaurants are located in Section 17 PJ, Hartamas and Aman Suria. I visited the one in Section 17 PJ.

Cheek out its website at My Elephant Restaurant