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In my previous post, I did say I will write on my trips, places I had been to and reviewed for TripAdvisor.

I have decided to write about Busan as I can still feel how much I loved it there. The feelings that are attached to the memories are still rather strong. I do not just remember loving it there, I can still feel it in my heart. Thus far, of all the places I had been to, Busan attracted me the most. Perhaps the attraction spawned from my liking of Korean dramas and that I learnt basic Korean language. Perhaps it was all because of the amount of love I have for … keep guessing, some of you may just get it right 🙂

Before my trip, I browsed through suggestions by TripAdvisor and Korea Tourism Organisation websites for places I should visit. Since I was travelling alone, information readily available from these two websites were really useful. My advise, be prepared before travelling. Yes, spontaneity is fun but a certain level of preparation will be good. I do not plan a day by day itinerary for my trips but I would have a list of places of interest I wish to visit and the list has the tendency and flexibility to change when I get to the destination. There should be a balance between spontaneity and proper planning and we call it flexibility.

So, now, to Busan. It is a modern city big enough that it can take an hour travelling via the subways from one side to the other side of Busan. Imagine how much you can choose from, to see, to experience. Some of the places of interest I visited include the Yongdusan Park, where the  Busan Tower is located, BIFF Square, Gwangbokro Street, Busan Modern History Museum, which I lost track of time at, Haeundae Beach and its surrounding area. My reviews can be found here -》TripAdvisor-Gina-Busan  There are about 20 reviews of different things.

For the feast for your eyes, here are some photographs I took.


The Busan Tower at Yongdusan Park


The view from the observation deck of the Busan Tower


Haeundae Beach


Gwangan Bridge