Some of the things I say when applicable –

(1) Who I am today, is thanks to who I was yesterday. Who I will be tomorrow is not who I am today

(2) The tears that fell, unheard and unseen by others, usually came from a deep place, deep sadness, deep regret, deep emotion

(3) I can smile so bright it takes you out of your pain, but that bright smile may not necessarily take my pain away

(4) When you have no choice but to go on, you have no choice but to go on

(5) A hopeless may hope less. Hoping less does not make a hopeless

(6) If some pictures can say a thousand words, a smile can hide a thousand pain

(7) A bright sun does not always mean hot weather as a day without sunlight does not always mean cold weather

(8) Actions may speak louder than words and words may carry no weight but action means nothing if what others hoped for are words

(9) Before you decide to fake it till you make it, answer yourself honestly, when you have made it, is it real or is it fake?

(10) I can never be you as you can never be me but the least we can do is put ourselves in each other’s shoes

(11) The answer to “How are you?” is usually “I am fine” because I am fine but not great and because if I say “I feel great/wonderful” or “Fantastic”, you will either hate me or assume am in denial

(12) Just because am not perfect for you does not mean am not perfect to another