Some say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Some also say, actions speak louder than words. I sometimes say, do not say a word if the words you are about to say are empty; saying things only for the sake of saying things. Many would say, do not say anything if you cannot say anything good.

About pictures being worth a thousand words, well I guess some are, for example, a picture that is extremely breathtaking, so much so it leaves you speechless, unless of course you can say a thousand words in one breath. Not all pictures are worth a thousand words although they leave you breathless, as they may perhaps leave you breathless because they are shockingly horrible. Once you regain your breath you go ahead and describe them with words like gross, horrible, terrible, this picture should never have existed, or even make you scream at the top of your lungs, WHY?!

About actions being louder than words, well, as a person who is not good at telling people my true feelings, I suppose I should say I agree with the concept. Not really. Honestly, after the passing of my father, I thought I should learn to let people I care about know exactly that, that I care. I still find it extremely difficult to do. On the other hand, the recipient of your good intentions may perhaps rather hear you say those words rather than questioning your true intentions and assuming that you did all of it because you care.

I am a strong believer and practitioner of the idea that people should not speak only for the sake of speaking as it will only result in the waste of good time. However, I do not entirely agree with the believe that you should not say anything if you cannot say anything good. If being honest and truthful means saying things that seem like bad things to people is not allowed, then we are letting people go on in the wrong direction. If a person sings horribly, are we supposed to say that he/she was good? Or should we rather say the truth, that either he/she stop singing completely or to learn how to sing properly? If we did not tell the awful truth, he/she may even end up getting hurt worse.

I suppose perhaps the point I am trying to get across is moderation. No one concept or idea is ultimate; fixed and constantly applicable. At times we all have to agree to disagree. At times we have to make choices and meet in the middle. No two persons always constantly think alike. But I think we can all agree that we should not speak only for the sake of speaking. Trust you me, I am not writing this post only for the sake of writing 😉

I wish all of you good days ahead of you and God bless.