Reality. It is supposed to be the world in which we live in. However, often we wish to escape; no matter how great our days turn out to be. We then either create fantasies that we could escape to or indulge in those fantasies created by creative minds. Fantasies are simply our get away, our escape from reality. Reality is that even when our reality is what appears to everyone else as (almost) perfect, only we have the power to actually certify. Reality is that sometimes we find life, difficult. Reality as what it may appear to others, may not be your reality. For those who constantly feel the need to escape their reality, constantly find the need to live in their fantasy. In the worst of circumstances, they fail to differentiate between reality and fantasy. They then get lost in their own fantasies. They lose grasp of who they really are. They lose their identities.

Escaping to my own fantasies, not something I will deny. It only proves a healthy mind.