The law is there to protect AND to punish. If it does not, than it is because it is lacking. It is lacking because it is human made and human in nature. Sometimes it fails not because it is lacking. It fails because the enforcement is lacking. The law can be so perfect that it addresses every point there is, that there exist no lacuna, but the enforcement is a failure; and this failure is human nature. Human nature is to protect his/her own first before anyone else’s. Human nature is to save himself/herself first before anyone else. Human nature is to protect and defend one’s own self first.

Nevertheless, it is also human nature to use and abuse. It is human nature to use all means to gain for own self. This should not be acceptable human nature. In fact, this should not be a human nature. Just because we are human and we are created differently does not mean this is acceptable. What makes us different at the end of the day is our conduct. What makes us are mainly our surrounding; how we were brought up and what we go through in life. Granted that what we go through would affect how we think and behave but God gives us all brain to think. To differentiate between right and wrong. Between good and bad. Going through bad things in life should not make us bad. Going through bad things should teach us to care and understand better because we know how bad things can be. Going through good things in life should teach us to be humble because we know we are blessed. If only we all can think this way, the world would be a better place. Believe that God will give you what you deserve. Just because what God gives is hardship, does not mean that hardship is what you deserve but it is the indescribable joy of what you gain after going through hardship is what ultimately the gift from God.

I believe that our deeds will all be punished and rewarded. If we believe in punishment, we will not consider doing evil things (to others). Just because there will be benefits, does not always mean that every good deed is done only with the thought of the gain.

To the person who recently made many people sad and heartbroken, I know we cannot wish you bad things as bad things will happen to those who wishes bad things, but I cannot wish you good things either. Out of anger and heartbreak, I wish to not forgive. Out of the faith I have in God, I will have to forgive. What goes around does come back around. Life is a cycle. One day you are up next day you are down. If God is kind to you he may delay the punishment and make you feel and see the punishment being paid forward. This kind of kindness that God allows, will perhaps make you hated by your closest.

So, if we believe in God, if we believe in justice, believe that all our deeds are accounted for. Does it matter whether we are paying for it or our parents or partners or children or grandchildren will pay for it? Someone will have to pay. This is just God’s way and his grace.

Have a blessed life. Joy is felt in our hearts and not worn only in our smiles.

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