I was told that someone somewhere was made for me. The question is who? Where is this someone? Is he looking for me or should I be looking for him? Have we crossed paths but did not realise that we were made for each other? Could it be that he was made for me but I was not made for him? Could it be that I was made for him but he was not made for me? How do we know… whether we were made for each other? These questions make me feel sleepy. I feel sleepy when I feel like there is nothing I can do to get the answers or get things done…

My thoughts, on how do you more or less gauge whether your are right for each other is when you do not just make each other smile, but you make each other happy deep inside. Something that you can only feel. You may be able to smile even when you are not happy. As the saying goes, fake it long enough, it will come naturally. Do it long enough, you will be able to convince yourself that you are smiling because you are happy.

You are the right person for the other person if you bring out the best in him/her. But does he/her bring out the best in you?

Also, if you are lucky enough to have met your soul mate and the love of your life, but they are two different persons, who would you choose? The soul mate who understands you sometimes even better than you understand yourself and more than able to make you smile and forget your worries or the one who is the love of your life who is capable of bringing you happiness beyond imagination but is also capable of hurting you the most? Would you choose to be content or to be happy?