I feel like the title does not sound interesting and does not fully capture my intention or the content. What should the title of this post be? Read through and suggest it then.

Well, what I am trying to tell here is something that happens quite often. It also reminded me of a television commercial by KFC. You see, people (usually of rank) have the tendency to behave a certain manner towards others who they feel are less significant or lower rank. It is sad to say but that is something that is common. It is not right but often tolerated. This, am not sure why so.

The thing about people and fate is that one cannot tell the fate of another. Today you may be of higher position but tomorrow the other person could be of even higher position than you are. I have seen bosses treating their subordinates with no respect. What will theses bosses do when some years later, these subordinates are decision makers of their employments? Say for example a partner of a legal firm and a lawyer practising at the firm. Years later, this lawyer becomes the head of department of a company. As a lawyer, be it a partner or a legal assistant at a firm, our job encompas servicing our clients. The day an ex-employee becomes a client will be the day everyone remembers how they treated each other. I have been lucky to have gotten ex-bosses who treated me well. It would be difficult and awkward if I was not considering my position today.

Coming back to the point I was trying to make, I see no reason to treat subordinates badly or with no respect simply because they are of lower rank. You will never know if one day you will be “bowing down” to them instead. Notwithstanding that, superiors or bosses must never let their subordinates disrespect them or take them for granted. Being nice need not necessarily mean throwing away your position. That will also make you a bad boss! There will be people and instances where there is a need to “put them at their place”. Until that day come, rank pulling is not necessary.

There are people (colleagues), even advisors, who do not care much for what the other person say when he or she is not of higher rank. It is common that these people only care about what the bosses say, until they see, who the bosses listen to! I find it most enjoyable to see this happen. Sometimes I feel delighted to see their faces that say, “Shit!” I often feel like saying, “You see, this is why you should not be disrespectful” but most times I choose to just enjoy that moment. It is a nice feeling to be able to slap someone when they deserve it but I personally think that it is even better if the person slaps his or her own face, with his or her own hands!

So you see, before you treat someone with disrespect, remember that that person may turn out to be your “boss”! Ultimately, you gain nothing by treating others with disrespect. So, I see no reason why anybody would do that, on purpose.