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Is it greed if I want to be more successful than I am now, achieve more than I have till now? I asked no, not because I want negative responses. It is because my question will follow with the answer I find most appropriate and my answer is, whatever yours may be, NO. This is what I call ambition. Having goals. Not because I grew up not getting/having enough, but because I was taught to believe that the universe is the limit, not the sky. I aim for the universe not because I plan to fall on the clouds, but because the universe is beyond the sky we see everyday. Of course, if you do not even look up, you will not see the sky, what more think of the universe or the galaxy…

Is it boastful and proud if I were to talk about how successful I am now? Should one be sorry for being successful? Well, there should not be frequent need to always talk about our success, unless if we are in sales and trying to market ourselves/something… Family and friends who are sincerely happy with our success will not feel that we are being boastful or proud. To the contrary, they may even be the ones boasting our success around, because the ones who are proud of our success is them. Even if we feel like talking about our success, it must be done in manners that are not offensive and boastful. One certainly should never feel sorry about being successful.

Once, someone I know, said to me that I was not successful. Her reason was that I have not achieved everything. There is something I have yet managed. To her, I can not consider myself having reached any level of success since I was yet married. I supposed to her I am still no where near successful. Then, what is the level of success of a person with a good stable job and married, but without a child? Would she revoke the success status of a person, who she would categorise as successful, meaning with a good stable job, married, with children, if that person suddenly get divorced? In my eyes, this person may be married with children but she is not yet successful. She has failed to convince me of her views.

Coming back to my point, people say the sky is the limit, that if you aim the sky, if you fall, you will at least fall on top of trees. I say aim for the universe. If you fall, you will first fly around before you get pulled by the gravity and fall on the clouds. You will fall but at least you will land on the clouds before the worse thing could happen, falling on top of trees.