Am experiencing extreme laziness! Yes, I spelt it differently in the post title. Fun sake.

Anyways, half the day of what should be an extremely busy week, has been filled with extreme feel of lazy. This kind of thing happens when I know how full the days ahead of me are going to be.

Have you ever felt like you have done so much? Well, I am actually exhausted too. I started full steam and when things slow down due to external factors, I lose steam and along with it, my interest! This is on top of the fact that I have short span of attention and interest in things, if there is not enough interesting things for me to look forward to. Things are interesting as long as they stay interesting to me (duhh!) and that “as long as” part, can be quite short. One thing I know for now, I have lost interest and getting really bored. As a result, I am not focused and rather slow in completing certain task. In short, am short of saying “Naah, not interested” and yawn. This is definitely not good for work, and reputation. I had been lucky to have (ex)bosses who understood. One of my (ex)bosses told me to take 2 months off to just take a break and clear my head. One would constantly tell me to go for holidays, short ones, especially after and/or before major transactions.

I supposed that is all I need, a break. You know, I know, am not the lazy type, I just have the tendency to lose interest…