So, am in the mood to blog again… or am I in the mood to ramble useless information? Not that it matters as this is my blog (*evil grin*)

The majority. The minority. The silent majority. The undecided. Often, the views of the majority will be heard out loud. The views of the minority are ignored. Well, how do we know what views do the silent majority have? How about the undecided? Calculative-ly, if we have 100 individuals who are supposed to decide whether to say yes or no, 45 decided to say yes, 44 decided to say no, 6 silently decided yes and 5 cannot make up their minds, “yes” will “win” although “no” should win instead, but because the 6 people who decide to stay silent in relation to their decisions, their “votes” are not counted for. In fact, because they chose to stay silent, 11 are assumed to fall under the category of the “undecided”. (Oh my God, this is some serious rambling!)

I am simply trying to say, if we do not voice our opinion out, it will never be heard. It is as good as not having any opinion. Regardless of what people may think of our opinion, if we are certain about our opinion, stand by it. One reminder though, be smart when voicing out your opinion so as not to be seen arrogantly confident. People will not listen if we appear or are viewed as arrogant or brash. Also, do not force our opinion on others. There are ways to make people listen. One of it is by listening.

If only everyone learn to listen…