My oh My! How time flies. As I would normally say, “Time flies like the Concorde and life gets as short as hot pants”… Don’t get my drift? Never mind that. Just realized that I have been on hiatus for way too long. My blogging activities I mean.

Anyways, as the title goes, the content shall follow. Not that that’s law or something but at least people will get what they expect to get… or will they? (*wink*wink*)

So, the rambling is now done. Na ah, not really. I can never be done rambling.

Lately it came to my attention and I came to realize, not really my attention, rather I had done some thinking, reflecting on the people around me, that many people do not exactly know what they want, be it in relation to life, career or relationship. I kept thinking that I have been lucky enough to know exactly what I want, or at least where I am heading, in life. A starting point and the end point, the goal, the reason for all the things I do, had done and chose to do and decide to do next. The more people talk about their insecurity and uncertainties, the more I should feel the way I did, correct? Well, somewhat. The end goal is still the same. However, it made me realized that there are other things that I want (to do). There are things that I want to do that would change the outcome of the end point, although I can still target for the goal to be the same. Confused? Well, my goal is fixed (with minimum room for flexibility) but my end point may change, depending of the path I choose, to reach the goal. Still confused? I believe and I am making my goal a fixed item but the path way vary. Say for example if I want to go to London, I have various airlines to choose from and few airports to land at. Going off the point a little bit, I prefer airports other than the Heathrow International Airport, so for my first last trip there, I took the bus from Scotland and for my next trip, I should be flying in via the City Airport, thanks to KLM (because I fly Blue) (is this free advertising?!). What I am trying to say is set a goal, make the goal a fixed factor and let the paths be the variable. (AM STILL RAMBLING)

I am thankful to God for giving me the brain that works the way it does now as I know exactly what I need to do to achieve my goals, although, chance is a variable that is extremely uncertain. I am also thankful to God for everything, the hardship and the blessings. Nevertheless, having a fixed goal would mean plans and sub-plans, constant process of analysis and research and review. This is where there are those who would say, “Live today like there is no tomorrow”, or “Stop planning so much as our paths are written”, or all those things along that line of thought. Well, guess what, having a planned future does not mean we cannot or do not live the day like there is no tomorrow, or that we do not live somewhat carelessly. That just mean our carelessness has boundaries, like everything else, there should be boundaries and limits. (AM NOT DONE RAMBLING)

So, anyways, what I wish to say is that we live our lives differently but we should be able to ask ourselves and provide the answer to the following questions –

(1) what do I want in life?
(2) what do I want in a relationship?
(3) how do I want to live my life?
(4) how do I want my life to end?

No, you do not have to give the answer to people other than yourself unless you feel the need to share. With that, I end my rambling. (AM FINALLY DONE RAMBLING….FOR NOW AT LEAST)