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I have heard not once but a few times from different resources about ben’s at KLCC. Most of the time, not good things. Therefore, I contemplated going/dining there but I thought I should experience it my self, good or bad.

So, I had gotten myself and a friend tickets for Stomp ’12. It was the afternoon show, so we decided to go out from morning, have a “tour” of KLCC and have lunch. Since it was to celebrate my friend’s birthday (a belated celebration and punishment for not wishing her on her birthday LOL), I let her decide on the itinerary of the day, including venue for lunch and dinner. Yes, we were out the whole day! She suggested ben’s. I agreed (with uncertainties deep within my heart!)

We arrived at ben’s sometime during lunch hour. I thought the place was going to be busy and crowded but to our luck, it was not that bad. Good sign? Bad sign? hmm… Anyway, we were attended to quite quickly. I ordered the Pad Thai Seafood Linguine and my friend ordered the Crispy Duck Confit Spaghettini. It did not take them too long to serve our orders. Here is my take on the two dishes –

(1) Pad Thai Seafood Linguine – Brilliant! I actually loved it! of course, I had no idea that it contains bean sprouts, which I do not take and I maintain my stand that beansprouts not only serve no purpose that it does not enhance the tast of food, in fact, it takes away the flavours! Nevertheless, I give this pasta 4.5/5

(2) Crispy Duck Confit Spaghettini – This pasta was excellent as well! I would not order anything “duck-y” and thanks to my friend for ordering it, I discovered another good dish! I give this pasta 4/5

Since it was supposed to be a birthday celebration, belated or otherwise, cake is necessary. My friend ordered Ben’s Chocolate Cake, recommended by the waiter and I ordered the Red Velvet Cake. I am secretly going around town trying out Red Velvet. Actually, I just realised that I have been doing that, without realising it! Here is my take on the cakes –

(1) Ben’s Chocolate Cake – OK. I have tasted (a lot) better chocolate cakes. It is “saved” by the cream ice cream. I give it 3/5

(2) Red Velvet Cake – Good! I love the cream cheese. I give it 4/5

You can visit their website for the menu at http://www.thebiggroup.co/bens/