No am not kidding! That place is called Bumbung, which in English translates to “roof”. I saw no relevance between the place and the name and the food served!

My brother was supposed to decide where to go for a nice nasi lemak. Ever since I came back from my UK holidays, I had been having this constant want for nasi lemak. God knows why although I do love nasi lemak, especially those with really hot “sambal”. So, instead of telling me the name or location, all he did was point the direction. He said turn right, turn left, go straight, do not stop at that traffic light… no he did not say that last bit ;D

The area was all too familiar. I do go there every now and then but have never been to that actual location where Bumbung is located. If you happened to just pass by the place, you may miss it. Also, would you be surprised if I say, it was at an alley, an alley behind old shops! Well guess what, I was shocked my self when we finally got there and my brother said, “Oh, by the way, this place is at a lorong belakang kedai!”. I went, “Ha?!” For those who know me, have you heard me say, “Come go to that gerai behind that street”? No, please do not answer ;p

And then, for the second time, I got a shock of my life! Not sure whether it qualifies as one of “the shock of my life” kind of shock but I was indeed shocked! The alley was so squeaky clean that I just… I do not know what to say, I have never seen an alley as clean and to a certain extent, beautiful as that! The road was clean, the whole alley was decorated with small potted trees and there were those colourful little wind fans! There were those small industrial fans to keep the area ventilated and cool and it was well lighted with sufficient lights. Seriously, you should perhaps just drop by for a look-see, if you can not bring your self to eat there.

Now, down to the main reason we were there, nasi lemak ayam goreng! The rice was just nice, not too “lemak”. The sambal was, well, so-so to me but since I have somewhat high level of hot and spicy endurance and “acquired” taste when it comes to sambal, it may be just nice to others. My brother liked it. The fried chicken (ayam goreng) and the sunny side up, was, well, it was mamak fried chicken and for crying out loud, a sunny side up, what can I say? If I have to rate the whole package, I will give 3.5 out of 5. But for the place itself, I have to give 4.5 out of 5. Oh, one more thing, the place was packed and I thought it was inappropriate for me to snap photos of the place when I will, as a result, be capturing photos of the patrons. But I do have a really closed up photo of the food.

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