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 So, we put those photos away for a while, and let us get down with some writing on food.

Having lunch in this area (where my current office is located, at the other end of Jalan Tun Razak, in Kg Baru), is always a “chore” and a bore. Day in day out, it is either this or that or here or there and we will often end up at the same few eateries.

Yesterday, a friend offered to take me out for lunch. By “take me out” means driving out, which we only do on Fridays. We actually officially have only 45 minutes for lunch and driving out means taking more time…. So, we drove (or rather he drove) to the Intermark at the Double Tree by Hilton. The rest of the gang had not tried the new International Food Hall. I had been there a number of occasions. We had –

Nasi Dagang set that came with choice of either beef rendang or fried chicken (I had the beef rendang and it was good). Also came with the set was “kueh of the day”. The second time yesterday it was the same kueh of the day the week before!  Oh and also, choice of either sirap selasih or iced lemon tree for drinks. Coincidentally. Three of us had the same food with only one with a different choice of drink!

The “driver” friend and another had Subway. Well, I find no real need to talk about their lunch ;D

A little about the place. The International Food Hall does not appear like the usual Malaysian malls’ food courts or rather nowadays referred to as the food hall. It has only a handful of “stalls” opened with somewhat big space allocated for each and the areas appear to be under utilised. But hey, if the owner of that place does not need too many occupants, that is his choice but the consumers are left with limited choice, which usually results in the consumers opting for other places. I for one, find the place “cosy”. I do not like food courts, so I suppose that is why.

Oh, there is also the Italian restaurant, Porto Romano at the food hall. Perhaps you can check the place out and try the different food they offer.