Recently, I made my second visit to the Dancing Fish restaurant located at the Bangsar Shopping Complex @ BSC. Glad to say that the service and the food are still good. This time around, the dishes were actually served rather quick! Oh yes, my apologies. For you who are not familiar with it, Dancing Fish serves Sundanese food.

Dishes that I had recently are and my findings of the dishes are as follows –

(1) Beef Rendang – a bit salty for me but the beef were very tender and the rendang flavour could be tasted in the beef

(2) Chicken Rendang – the rendang sauce was good but the chicken was a bit too “done”

(3) BBQ Chicken – I just love it!

(4) Kailan with Oyster Sauce – it is just how it should be

(5) Terong Belado – the eggplant, has never been a dish that I would consider having part of my spread but I have no problem ordering it again whenever I visit this place again. That is how good it was.

And perhaps you will be delighted to know that the barley (iced or hot) are refillable i.e. free flow.

The price range, I suppose rather “standard” considering all sorts of points and factors.


P.s. – no photos for this post due to reasons can not be disclosed ;D