Nevermind the title. It is just something spontaneous (although I do feel a little bit “montel” lately ;D)

So, I frequent the BSC a lot lately. That is one of my favourite malls. Not too crowded and nothing much for me to buy. What matter is good food, good time, good company.

Now, Monte’s ( is not located at a unit where it can easily be found but if you are familiar with the BSC, it will be easy to locate. Anyways, the BSC is not a complicated mall that you will give up trying to locate shops after trying for 10 minutes.

The moment we got in the restaurant, we were greeted very warmly. That is a good beginning to a good time. Sometimes, one may get influenced by the kind warm welcome in judging the food. I will give my views here without being affected by the beautiful interior and the warm welcome. This is not too difficult to do as I have been here before ;D.

Here goes –

(1) Chef’s Dream Salad – just nice although not brilliantly tasteful, but honestly, I do not think it is meant to taste otherwise, so I would say again, just right

(2) Spaghetti Marinara – like I said to my friend, the best I have tasted thus far!

(3) Fettuccine Carbonara – I did not actually have this at this visit but I think it is worth mentioning now. It was good although may be a little too thick (the cream sauce I mean)

There is a huge chance that there will be more visits to this place… I would suggest you try this place when you are at the BSC either just to wine or dine.