Well yes, I re-visited the Social @KL. This time for Iftar. What will you do if you keep seeing advertisement on delicious looking food, served specially for Iftar? My they looked yummy!

So, considering how most people see the Social @KL as “the place”, I thought a reservation would be necessary. I called in. At the beginning of the conversation, I was a little taken aback. The conversation was a little awkward but dwell not on information not food related!

So, the day of the visit, I got there not too early, not too late but found myself standing there at the entrance fiddling with my beloved Bold. No, not because I was too shy but because no one was really manning that little reception booth but I have to say, once one of the hostess got to me, she was all nice and accommodating, but again, let us dwell not on things not food related!

Let us just proceed with the food, those advertised and led me there for a 2nd visit. I asked the waitress’ opinion whether I should go for the chicken rendang or the beef rendang (honestly I had in mind the beef rendang) and she suggested the beef rendang. Beef rendang is beef stewed Malay style (and I love rendang!). It was served with deep-fried bean curd, sambal, acar, some crackers, salted egg (which I do not eat) and minestrone soup (which I found although tasty, a little odd to be served with rendang). This set came with kuih-muih, desert of the day (which I asked the waitress and was told that she does not know what is the desert of the day), which turned out to be this sweet thing with bananas in it (pengat pisang, not sure what is in English), which was not too bad but too sweet to my liking. I also ordered homemade peach tea, which was not too bad as well and sirap selasih (and I did not realise that it was not “really” part of the set and in fact additional).

So, this are my take on the food –

Beef rendang – really good. The beef was really tender. The rendang (gravy) was really tasty (and my friend agreed that he had to finish the last bit I left for him with his rice, which he originally did not intend to finish!).

Deep fried bean curd – it is just fried bean curd, how can it go wrong, right? (which means I have no issue with it)

Sambal – not bad at all.

Crackers – there were 2 types and again, they are just crackers, how can it possibly go wrong?

Kuih-muih – not memorable but not too bad either.

Desert of the day (pengat pisang) – you may like it if you like pengat pisang.

Homemade peach tea – good especially the ice cream like thing in it. It actually looked like a peach but it was some sort of blended ice with peach flavour to it.

Sirap selasih – hmm not too sure but not to my liking.

(no photos for this visit as I am currently too lazy to transfer them to my laptop. Sorry ;p)

p/s. to each their own and I have been told that I have a rather peculiar taste and that am rather picky with my food, which means, my views may not be the same as yours. Also, perhaps it was my luck that I was served by one who said she is not Malaysian when asked about the food (not Malaysian does not mean you cannot respond but for her benefit, I would rather say she probably meant to say she cannot speak in Malay… not that she and I cannot speak in English) and one who does not know her menu. Would I consider a 3rd visit? I cannot say. I do not know. Perhaps…