It was a birthday thing… prefer not to call it a celebration… Watched Pirates of the Caribbean followed by wandering around the mall and ended with lunch….at the Yogi Tree.

I did not originally know that the Yogi Tree serves organic food until I actually read the menu! So, we start with my review of what I had for lunch there. here we go… We ordered –

(1) Carbonara with bacon, mushrooms and egg – it says in the menu that it is without cream! This was why I wanted to try this Carbonara, plus the fact that I like Carbonara… it came and viola! all “dry”! no cream sauce! It was OK but it was a little bit too “garlic-y” for me.

(2) Seafood Aglio Olio – I remember way back when it was difficult to find good Seafood Aglio Olio… nowadays, it is easier to find good, tasty ones and yes, Yogi Tree’s Seafood Aglio Olio is good. It was not bland. It was rather tasty and the seafood was plenty.

(3) Ultimate Molten Lava Hot Chocolate Pudding – when it came, all I could notice was the smell of the ice cream. Not sure how to describe the smell but I think it smelt too much like cream or cheese (not quite tho…) and the smell was rather strong, but it did not put me off as I love desserts. This one is brilliant I tell you!Simply delicious! The melting chocolate oozing out of the baked (I think it was) chocolate cake. Not too sweet as well. And oh, the ice cream, delectable despite the smell and surprisingly, either the smell was gone or it simply was overcame by the taste that the smell was “gone”!

So, generally, what I had was OK. Perhaps I should go again and try other items on the menu…

One last note, when I got there, there was only 1 waiter, serving the whole restaurant and it was roughly half packed! Although there was only 1 waiter, the wait (for the menu and in fact even for the food!) did not feel that long. He was very calm and collected too! He served everyone pleasantly. This is rather difficult to experience nowadays. More often than not, you will get waiters or waitresses who send “unhappy” vibes and look angry and tired. So, good for this guy, whatever his name is hahaha

You can check the place out here –