Most of the time when I mention organic food, the response that I will get is either the food is not tasty or it is too costly. Well, I for one, love organic food as much as I love vegetarian food and as much as I love any good food. Nevertheless, people keep saying that I am a picky eater! I blame it on being Penangite and that I grew up eating good tasty food!

Where I work, there is not much to choose from, the eateries I mean, so, on Fridays, where we have longer lunch hour, we will drive out for good food. This time around, we chose earthFood. A rather new place, have only been around roughly six months.

We ordered the following –

(1) Ceasar Salad – OMG! I loved it loads! It may even be the best Ceasar Salad I ever had! Oh the Chicken slices in the salad was brilliant too!

(2) Seafood Pizza – Tasty, just tasty but I needed to add some spicy-ness to it so I asked for chilli sauce. The chilli sauce was good! It was not spicy but it was hot and it had this nice hot after taste

(3) Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Focacia Bread – The bread was very soft. We had it a while after it was served as we were still indulging our salad! I would say if we had it while it was still warm, it will be brilliant! The sandwich is generally good.

And try not to be so shocked, all that cost us only RM60 and the servings were rather generous! Who said organic food is expensive?! And yes, the dining area is very comfortable. Oh, I almost forgot, earthFood is located at Jalan Ampang Hilir. They are moving two blocks away from the current place by end of the month, I was told.