On Saturday, June 18th, I did some socializing. Well, not quite. It was just me with two others. We booked for four, as usual, girls need an extra chair to seat our handbags! They put us in the so claimed “VIP room”. I find it rather odd to have the VIP room just outside the kitchen. My only logic is so that the dishes are served hot and fresh from the kitchen!

Before going there, I searched the net for reviews and wow! the place had good reviews. So I thought, OK, good food, good company. Great Saturday! Oh and I thought it was the Social., the same one we have in Bangsar. I was wrong and obviously I find that out from the comments in the reviews!

My review this time around is going to be very brief as I do not have much to say about the food…. seriously. So here goes. We ordered the following –

(1) Ceasar Salad – a bit too much cheesy taste

(2) Peking Duck with Deep Fried Mantou Bun – oh this one is good! add a bit of the sauce that comes with it and yummeh!

(3) Aglio Olio Seafood Arabiatta – all of us agreed that there was something not quite right about the pasta. I found that there was too much of the chilli pepper… mixed with the olive oil… did not taste great

(4) Dark Chocolate Mousse – brilliant! loved it… loved it even more after having it together with the Crunchy Hazelnut Feulitin

(5) Crunchy Hazelnut Feulitin – yummeh! the taste was just right!

On the side, I have to say, the waitress could not speak good English and was unable to explain or describe the food there. For example, we asked what is this Opera Cake that they have in the menu, she said chocolate cake and just stopped there! We had to ask further, what do they have in the Opera Cake other than chocolate and to describe further. She just said something along this line “Like chocolate cake with layers…” and we decided to just order (4) and (5) as those two did not appear to require description and somehow we had that feeling that (4) and (5) were tasty and we were right!

One more thing, they have this great promotion where they give 20% off on their A La Carte Menu, every Saturday (ending 30th June 2011) and taking note of the evolving world of smartphones and tablet and gadgets, they allow the voucher to just be flashed from your gadgets on top of accepting a printed out version (not very green ya). I had that voucher in my BlackBerry. Showed it to the staff and was told at least twice, that they only accept printed copies. We insisted that we are entitled for the 20% off nonetheless as the voucher says exactly that, that we can just flash the voucher on our smart phone. The staff came back, agreed to give the 20% off but with a condition that we fill in the survey form. We got the 20% off but I am just not happy with how it went… not that we can’t afford the food if we did not get the 20% off…

Also, no photos for this review as I did not feel like taking any photos… but hey, you can see nice photos of the place, the menu, etc here –