Insignificant encounters… those encounters we originally thought to be of no significance or we did not think anything of altogether. Little things that we ignore or fail to notice such as a smile. At dinner (no, I can not say much about dinner as I had the Prosperity Burger at Mc Donald’s!), the girl at the counter, taking the orders (that was not my first encounter of her), appeared to be rather extremely angry/moody/annoyed. I remember her very clearly as she was the same way the last time I saw her, taking my orders angry! Either last night was her lucky night or I was in a very good mood that no one and nothing could change how I felt. I ordered my dinner with a smile throughout and actually gave her that really honest happy smile and thanked her when she passed me my dinner, that she actually smiled! Seeing her smile somehow made me happier, thinking that I made her smile! Small thing, I know but the feeling is not small at all. What I realised was not insignificant as well.

I knew about “it” but have never really noticed it. “It” being how a smile is infectious. About how you can affect those around you. We all know it but do we really take note of the incidences? The actual working of these facts that we know of. The actual occurrences. No, not usually, not in ordinary circumstances, right? Admit it, as we grow older, we tend to grow angrier. I have to admit that I am a little snappy but am not an angry person. At times, I would just decide to “shell in” and not argue at all, even when am not at fault. The way I see it (when that happens) is that the other person is already either angry or defensive (realising that he/she may be the one at fault) or honestly believe that I am at fault or had his/her mind-set at blaming others! In time, the truth will always come out. The truth will always prevail. Am I too falsely positive for thinking and believing that? Well, we have to believe in something and we have to have faith. Besides, why drag on or aggravate the anger/argument (of another)? Just so he/she knows your side of the story? So that he/she knows that you are not at fault? Well, yes, at times that is exactly what we all need to and must do! I do that when I feel very strongly about something. When I feel it is worth my time arguing. Otherwise, I tend to give up on people. Yes, I give up on people very easily but hey, not my fault (and I will argue this one!)

Back to the little encounter, well, you see, smile more, try not to get affected by the anger around us. Instead, let us “infect” people with our smiles, with happy feelings! You do know that smiling can help you look younger, right? Someone said to me before, do not let the garbage truck dump all its garbage at your porch. And here is a smile for you ;D