I love coffee, chocolate and cakes the most other than all my gadgets. Honestly, perhaps not as much as I love my Lumix GF 1 KK, my Alpha 300, my Bold bla bla bla. I do not know. Perhaps I love them all equally as I wish to never have to choose between any of them. Lately I have been having a cupcake a day. I like to savour every bite of my cakes! That is how much I love cakes and anything cake like. Currently my supply is from My Sugar Creations. The cupcakes were a gift from the boss as an early Aidilfitri wish. Everyone got it.

My Sugar Creations

Am not sure but I think the base cake is the normal butter cake and the usual icing decorations. The taste… quite sweet but tolerable. All in all, the cuppies are just fine. Perhaps a special request would make the difference. Will have to wait after Aidilfitri if I were to order from My Sugar Creations as orders have been closed for Aidilfitri, so I was told but I think the closing date for orders is different on the blog site.

Raya Cuppies

There were actually more cuppies but I had a few already before I took this photo ;p

I will be getting more supply some time next week from my brother’s friend who is in this business. Had her cupcakes few times but had never blogged about them. Will do that then. Now, am off to finish that cuppy right at the back there (of the above photo) while watching Salt on DVD.