And so, the legend continues…wait, this is not script writing. Oh, well, we are in the month of Ramadhan, where almost everyone is fasting. The joy of fasting is felt mostly at the time when we have our iftar. By the way, iftar is the meal Muslims have after sunset to break our fast. Most people will gather with family and/or friends and have iftar together. Is it not just joyous! Well, I love good food and good company (how I would love to say I love good wine!).

So, Sunday last, 22.08.2010, my friends from Convent days gathered for iftar at SBKL. I suggested the place as I noticed that they have special buffet served during Ramadhan. However, we chose to go for ala carte. Everyone seemed delighted about the food. Yaya actually started eating the moment her order was delivered and sort of ignored us! From her feedback, it was good. Generally, everyone’s feedback was the same

What we had –

(1) Rosemarie had this dish called Salmone.


(2) Rose Azzura had Agliolio (I think that is what it was called…)


(3)  I had Carbonara but mine was served with bacon. Yaya had Carbonara as well but served with duck.


(e) Tasya had Homemade Burger

Homemade Burger

At the end of the night/food fiesta, we all had coffee and most of us order this iced Mocha


For those who have yet tried SBKL, or are looking for home made like dishes for iftar, perhaps should try SBKL…