It is quite common for my friends and I to have at least once, an iftar. Each group will gather separately for it every year. Like I said in my previous post, that is when the joy of fasting is felt. And yes, I have different groups of friends as many of us would but regardless, they are all my friends and some if not all, are those I would consider good friends. Yesterday, it was supposed to be my “Legal Aid friends'” turn. We had been having buka puasa together since the year we became good friends. We did not stop at just knowing each other during our dock brief sessions while we were in pupilage undergoing our legal aid service. I feel lucky for that. However, almost everyone could not make it this year save for Janet and me, and so, as Janet put it, we had candle light dinner just the two of us. Coincidentally, Ole Ole Bali had candles on their tables! So we did in fact had a candle lit dinner!

For starters (we got there quite late and I expected that I needed something “quick and light” before the “real dish”), I ordered Soto Ayam. What can I say? It was good! I actually finished the whole bowl! I tell you, I loved it! One weird thing was that it was served with garlic bread and sad to say the garlic bread was too salty for my liking…yikes for the garlic bread.

Soto Ayam

So, the “real dish”… I was contemplating whether to order what I finally decided to have and the Grilled Steak Ciabatta. The burger (as in the Grilled Steak Ciabatta) looked so delicious in the photo but I decided to go with Siap Megoreng, a Balinese Specialty. I thought since it is a Balinese restaurant, I should try its Balinese specialty. Logical thinking was it not? It was served with yellow rice, some spinach, “rempeyek” and chilli sauce they called Sambel Tera. The chicken was a deep-fried lemongrass marinated half chicken. Yes, it was half chicken and I obviously could not finish it. Nevertheless, it was good!

Siap Megoreng

Janet decided to have the Kambing Bumbu. It is a stir-fried lamb cutlet with chili and spices dish, also a Balinese Specialty. She almost finished the whole thing. Either she was very hungry or the dish was that good!

As for drinks, there was nothing special or extraordinary but Janet seemed to love the refreshing feeling of the Barley Lime. We also had iced coffee, iced mocha and iced lemon tea. Yes, still just the two of us but we talked too much that we got so thirsty…

All in all, the ambiance was good, the sitting arrangement was comfortable enough for you to eat comfortably and continue chatting till late and the music was good…for quite some time, they played Edith Piaf, class or what! I would love to try their other menus some day…