Yes, I have written on football, well not actually on football but something about football. This second installment was never in the pipeline. Did not think I would have to write something football related again but here we are. All thanks to the Germany – England match last night.

As mentioned in This Thing About Football, it is the kind of sports which nobody really cares who you are. All everyone cares about is the club they support and in the case of the World Cup, the country. My favourite has always been the Germans. Yes, Germany, followed by the Netherlands, Japan and Spain (this one is mainly due to certain players). Argentina is also good. Brazil, well, that 5 times champion, what can I say. Nevertheless, having favourites doesn’t mean I would insult and sort other teams. No, no one should do that but, as I have expected, whenever Germany meets England, people get rather emotional. As Joachim Loew put it, “old rival”. Still, that doesn’t mean the rivalry extends to being hurtful or hateful to each other.

This German – England rivalry went way back when and that shows how good these two were but some supporters get too emotional when one doesn’t win and the other does (I believe no one loses as one gains in some other ways). Some get too emotional all facts of the world history is laid out. Again, I have also mention in This Thing About Football that it doesn’t matter when it comes to football. History, past or present doesn’t matter. North Korea is still a communist country hated if not feared by some. Israel is still loved by the United States of America, hated by most, making most people angry. The Serbs did commit a heinous crime against the Bosnian. There are still loads of killing in the African continent. Greece is on the verge of going bankrupt. Oh not to mention the “personal” crime against my own country, Malaysia, committed by whom you ask? History showed that we were invaded by the Portuguese, the Japanese, the English and the Dutch. Well, we were back then a country so small and new we didn’t know better. My late grandmother can go on and on and on about her experience those days to the day Malaya gained its independence, the day the Union Jack was replaced by the Bendera now known as Jalur Gemilang.

As I have expected that there are more English supporters than the German supporters here, I decided that it is not wise for me to watch the match at open places. Not that it is not safe, it’s just that, people tend to get emotional. Yes, I felt the hurt when Germany lose to the Serbs but that was that, one match for the Serbs. When the Serbs won, I was watching the match with my friend at a mamak and the crowd weren’t all that emotional. Yes, that particular night, the mamak was filled with German supporters! I didn’t hear supporters for the Serbs insulting or taunting us German supporters as Germany has been the favourite and thus the Serbs and their supporters would most definitely be excited and overly joyful. However, the ambiance is always different when the English meets the German. Exchange of words, hurtful words, unnecessary history lessons, were all to expected. I don’t know about other German supporters but I most definitely do not and will not unnecessarily try to bring back history. IT IS JUST FOOTBALL! History aside, death and cruelty aside, it is just football. So, I really wish for others to try to refrain themselves from going and saying things that are rather emotional and over the board. Again, it is just football [emphasize added]

Let us focus on happy thoughts like the best team winning the World Cup. Not necessarily Germany. Could probably be Argentina. It is highly most likely that Argentina would but hey, who knows. As my brother always say “S**t happens!”

Smile and rejoice for today is a new day. History is for us to learn and not to be vengeful!