I couldn’t wait till tomorrow to post this, which means there should be something else tomorrow (of course if I have something to blab about tomorrow that is).

Just that these questions came up very recently –

(i)    how do you like a person who is so not like-able?;

(ii)   how do you not hate a person who tends to do (every)things that you hate?;

(iii)  how do you face the one face you don’t like and is trying with all your might, not to hate?;

(iv)  how do you make yourself not feel bitter when things that would make you want to scream your heart out is done repeatedly to you?;

(v)   how do you move on?

Simple answer to (i) is, you just don’t. Don’t like that person who is so not like-able. Simple answer to (ii) is, tell yourself, hate takes up loads of energy and time and no person is that worthy to hate. Simple answer to (iii) is, a man has got to do what a man has got to do, which should apply to us ladies to. Tell yourself, a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do. No, don’t tell yourself “girls just wanna have fu-un”. Simple answer to (iv) is, feel bitter, go ahead and go through the stage and the process of becoming a better person. Realising that things can hurt will (hopefully) teaches you to consider other people’s feelings. Simple answer to (v) is, by moving on itself! Tell yourself you are moving on and continue with the moving on.

Oh, but of course, things usually are a lot easier said than done! At times I feel jealous with people who are oblivious to their surroundings and their own feelings (not that I am very emotional, just don’t try me) but these people rarely have any strong feelings. They rarely dis-like other people. They rarely feel hate and hurt. It is very easy for them to move on. I have been told that everyone is “wired” differently. That is why these different characteristics. The way that would work for me almost every time is to think that no one is that worthy to hate and dis-like. That all that hate is just a waste of good time. You can go and be a non-existence to me. “Who? Oh well, yeah, I know that name but whatever.”

p.s. – this is not addressed to anyone specific and even if it is, am not going to disclose it ;D