The previous few posts have been rather on a serious note, have they not? Well, I think it is time we get down to even more serious business, FOOD. Were you thinking of something else? Food IS very important. Although those who know me will say something like, “Gina? Eat? Food? Na ah!” or “She doesn’t eat!”, quite to the contrary, I can eat like a normal human being. I am just very particular when it comes to food. My mom told me that when I was growing up (yes, I am still quite small and not quite grown up), I wouldn’t eat rice if it’s not coloured and flavoured and that my favourite (till today) is tomato rice. I love briyani as well.

So, when it comes to food and the kind I like, the surrounding matters too. Good food may not get the best reviews due to its surrounding and ordinary food can be good just because of its brilliant surroundings. It’s the company you are with as well. Last night, my eldest sister, Nana, brought me to a new place, owned by her friend Deni. The area, am quite familiar with due to a number of reasons. The company, I know Atun personally. Ms. Mila, I know her via the telly and by reputation (nothing bad, just that she owns and rides a Harley, which of course is quite relevant to me considering how much I love them Harley! So cool! I particularly like the Sportster. Just can’t afford any yet….sigh). The rest, Deni and few others and also this girl Mia (Nana’s housemate (if you can call her place a house that is LOL)). So, for the surrounding, the company and sorts, I give 4 out of 5 stars. Well, it always take a while for everyone to warm up.

So, coming back to this new place. It’s called SwitchBlade Kuala Lumpur, a clothing store and a diner all in one.

First, the food. I had something something Gostoso chicken. For crying out loud I just can’t remember what it’s called. My god, this is why I always keep the receipts! But not last night. Shish. The name aside, tThere were two slices of chicken, very tender and nice, mashed potatoes, which is quite nice (I prefer if it has more black pepper in it, but it’s just me), a veggie the type am not quite sure of, but I kinda like. Nana ordered this dish called Rosti Salmon (I asked her what her order was just after I started this post). Mia ordered mushroom soup served with few slices of garlic bread. The feedback? We start with mine. I give it 3 stars out of 5 for lack of gravy but after my request for more gravy, it gets 31/2, maybe 4. Nana’s Rosti Salmon, she said it was good! I tried those things on her plate other than the salmon (as I do not like fish generally) and I would give all that 31/2 out of 5. Mia’s mushroom soup, I can’t say as I didn’t taste any but she seemed to enjoy it loads. She did say it was good. From the look of how the others had their pizza, the pizza looked good too. Writing this made me realise that I need to go again to seriously figure out how I feel about the food. The drinks, my iced Cappuccino was how it was supposed to taste, not sweet like how the Coffee Bean would serve it (which I hate!). Nana’s iced chocolate was delicious!

The other thing about this SwitchBlade is the clothes sold there. They were rather nice! I actually got myself one. Am still thinking of getting the other two or three that I like. The price, rather reasonable. So, if you are there, you spilled your drinks or food on your shirt, just walk inside (that is if you are sitting outside where the nicest cool eating area is), grab a t-shirt and change! Simple. The photo below is the t-shirt I got myself last night and it cost only RM39.90!

I definitely will suggest SBKL for my next get together or what not mainly due to the ambiance and the fact that I need to figure out how I really feel about the food. What I sometimes say when it comes to the combination of food, ambiance and the company is that with good ambiance and good company, good food can go unfairly un-noticed!

Check out SBKL at this address –

SwitchBlade Kuala Lumpur

A2-G1-07, Solaris Dutamas No.1,

Jalan Dutamas 1,

50480 Kuala Lumpur


p.s. – if you are lucky, a whole bunch of Harley will be there, like last night! And, I actually wanted to try the carbonara (I love pasta loads!) but it was served with roasted duck, which I just can’t bring myself to eat. Someday perhaps.