Trust, there can only be one thing when it comes to trust. No matter how we put the word “trust” in a sentence, the effect is just the same. When we say, “I trust that you are well” or “I trust that you will get it sorted out”, the effect is still the same isn’t it? We are saying that we believe. If we say “I trust you”, that definitely means we are putting our believe and trust in that person.

When it comes to trust, most of those who know me knows that I have issues. To me, it’s not really an issue as I trust myself. It is others who have issues with my level of trust if that bothers them. Am sorry, I really am, if that is too harsh. I believe, at least with me that is, trust, similar to respect, is gained. No one should just give trust without proof that it will not be misused, abused or wasted.

Trust, to me, is something we decide whether to give or keep. It can run very low or just kept reserved. Mine is mostly kept reserved as it is low in the first place. It is mine to keep or give. When I decide and do give, it’s no longer mine. I do not take back the trust I gave. What happens next is either it is safely kept by and with the person I gave it to or it’s just gone, dies of, kapish! When the later happens, chances of trust being given to that same person is, I dare say, is nil, nada.

There are times I wonder, why can’t everyone think carefully before doing stupid things or things that hurt others. All we need to do is put ourselves, imagine ourselves in the other person’s shoes. How would it feel? How would you feel when that little trust that you have and gave is taken for granted? It’s not difficult isn’t it then. Just ask yourself this kind of question and you know what you should and shouldn’t do. Trust me, it’s not that difficult. There you go, am asking you to trust me. Knowing how it feels to be betrayed, would you and I lie and betray the trust given to us? You go ahead and ask yourself that question. I suppose it’s tougher for those who has no problem trusting others and those who have never been betrayed. On the other hand, good for them to have never been betrayed. My brother did say this though, “Well, s**t happen!”.

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