I don’t know but there’s this thing about football. I read an article once that said something along this line, that football is the only game were everyone can actually get together and not care about citizenship, status, race and religion. I somewhat agree. Nobody cares about any of that when it comes to football. Look at the World Cup line ups. Even a communist country can proceed to try out and actually go ahead and compete! Nobody cares that North Korea is a communist country (honestly am not so sure what is it that is so bad about being a communist if everyone is happy). Nobody cares about the history of the Serbs and the Germans! (In fact I support Germany in each World Cup events). Doesn’t even matter if you are dirt poor like most African countries.

The thing is, if you recall, I did say I somewhat agree with the earlier statement, which means I do not agree completely. Reason being, outside of the stadium where the actual match is being played or was held, we can still see (in the news) that there are fanatics causing riots and injuring others. Although this kind of incidents are not as common during other football seasons e.g. EPL, there are still fanatics. Some fans care which club or country the others are rooting for and when the club or country they support loses to the one others support, all hell break loose! Here comes the hooligans!

I am (although not a hardcore) nevertheless a fan of this sport (am actually a fan of many sports including golf (although some think that golf is not actually a sports)). As I have mentioned earlier, when it comes to the World Cup, it is Germany that has my heart and support. When it comes to the English Premier League, it’s Arsenal. I don’t care what others may have to say about Arsenal but I also do not go around “praising” Arsenal, provoking supporters of other clubs. I usually (I actually prefer to) watch football alone. That way I can express my frustrations my way without offending or provoking others. Also, it may not be very lady like of me when I watch football. I think everyone gets the idea ;D

There is this thing about football that other sports may not share, the way the fans cheer, the way cable television subscriptions increase, the way the fans accommodate the time of the matches with their sleeping hours, the way the fans love the game and the way the fans love their clubs/countries. What other sports activities get the whole world together, sometimes or most of the times, at the same time?!