I would normally read the newspaper after working hours, unless of course I get lucky in the morning or during the day. So, as usual, after work yesterday, on my way out, I stopped by the reception counter at my office (soon to be EX) and got myself a copy of the newspaper. Folded it into two, put in at the back seat of my car, drove home, took a shower, sat down and started flipping through the pages of the newspaper. At page three, I saw a news article I considered of interest to me. An article on the Malacca Government’s decision to proceed with the construction of three animal testing laboratories.

This particular piece is of interest to me as I love animals, most of them, and I do care. Yes, it worries me that the Malacca Government decided to go ahead with the project notwithstanding the objections and protests by many. Reading through the news article, apparently the WHO gave its go-ahead for the proposed project. Well, WHO is concerned with anything health related, not animal testing, correct? The one concerned with anything animal would be PETA, correct? Thus, by saying the WHO approved the proposed project, was he also implying that the WHO approved animal testing? I don’t know, you tell me…

What bothered me the most was actually the replies and statements made by the Malacca Chief Minister, for example, (1) “Why do they (NGOs) protest everyday? Don’t they have other work to do?”; (2) “They say they do not test on animals, but many medications were tested on animals. So when they are sick, do not take these medicine, eat only vegetables.” (I quoted what was allegedly his statements in that particular newspaper and am not trying to put it out of context)

First of all, correct me if am wrong but NGOs are mostly consist of activists and/or lobbyists, those who lobby and protest. Second of all, he should instead inform the public (or at least be politically correct) of the reasons or grounds this proposed project and animal testing methods (which as we are all aware of had been protested against for many years!) is good and should not be objected against. Address the issue for goodness sake! Do not re-direct people’s attention to other things like the job scope of NGOs!

I got worried thinking these are the kinds of statements that came from our politicians. It is to me, rather embarrassing! Statement not substantiated by substance. It seemed like child-like verbal fights. I don’t know, perhaps it’s just me…

p.s. – Do not mistake my sentiments as sentiments against any political party and/or personnel. Am not interested in politics generally.