Well, I woke up this morning, no, not feeling like P. Diddy. I woke up this morning with some arguments going on in my little brain (actually my brain is of normal size, proportionate to my size), mainly due to my mini discussion with my old friend Rose (no she’s not old, it’s the friendship that’s old). The thought that came to my mind this morning was this idea of high income earning individuals in Malaysia.

High income earning individuals, is there or should there be a specific definition for this similar to that of “high net worth” individuals under the law? Most definitely, in my personal point of view, NO.

Recently, the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur made a few statements, his views as to this matter or idea of high income earning (individuals). First of, he was of the view that one can survive if one earns RM3k a month. You ask, “Is he talking about RM3k net, after deducting all expenses and necessary payment (e.g. PCB, EPF, utilities bills and similar)?” Correct me if am wrong here but I think he wasn’t. Then he went on to say, it (I suppose “it” here refers to whatever is left of your monthly salary) should be enough if we were to cut down our expenses for example car and ASTRO!

Well, Mr. Mayor, my apologies if I got you wrong but I personally, do not want to just survive living in Kuala Lumpur! I personally (as most people are I believe) work really hard for my money and I don’t just want to survive. I want to be able to enjoy what I worked hard for. If the Mayor or anyone else for that matter is suggesting that we shall live on the necessary only, internet access will be a luxury similar to ASTRO being a luxury therefore the Government and/or those relevant should perhaps re-consider promoting this luxurious items. Perhaps travel agencies should consider leaving this beautiful country as there would perhaps be no one purchasing any trips/holidays in bound or out bound (particularly out bound although it would make no difference if going on holidays are considered a luxury).

If this is how we ascertain the numbers of high income earning individuals, I would rather fall in the low income earning individuals group. I have expenses you know. I own a car, rent a condominium, eat at restaurants, go for holidays. My God, look at this lifestyle of a low income earning individual! Fun I think.

So, which category do you want to fall under if that is how the Malaysian Government defines high income earning individuals? Do you want to be in the high income earning individuals group or the low income earning individuals group?

Perhaps when deciding, you would want to consider these –

(i) How many pair of shoes do you need?;

(ii) How many pair of pants do you need?;

(iii) How many glasses of coffee do you need (to drink)?;

(iv) Oh, do you really need any increment in your salary too?

Oh well, I think you get where am going.

p.s. I have no intention of provoking any anti-government ideology nor am I interested in politics. This is purely my concern in relation to the new idea of high income earning individuals currently being discussed.