I sometimes wonder, why do some people have so much hope that the kind of  happiness that often happen in movies would happen to them…I suppose they have heard that it happened to someone who is a friend of a friend of a friend or a friend…in some part of the world.

I remember saying “Things that happen in the movies happen only in the movies. If they happen in the real world, they happen to others, not you, not me, and I suppose these are the lucky people.” That is of course my personal “observation”.

Does that make me a pessimist? Or perhaps a realist?

No, am definitely not a pessimist. My hope is only to have understanding…to be nice…to be kind…I can be happy…I can make myself and keep myself content so long as I feel happy or content in my heart and that no one makes me angry or annoy me.

So, my hope is simple and if I feel like “seeing” the kind of happiness that happens only in the movies, I will watch the movies.