Who doesn’t know Kelly Clarkson…the first and most successful American Idol. Yes, Carrie Underwood is successfully trailing.

I was so excited, first, to hear that KL was in her list of venue for the Kelly Clarkson All I Ever Wanted World Tour. Then, I was excited that Maxis customers get discounts for the tickets. I got even more excited the night I was there, at the concert. Irregardless of the fact that I was having really bad sore throat, flu and mild fever, I was there, singing along to almost all the songs. Well, almost all her songs as I needed to take a few breaks to drink some water LOL. Am still rather excited about the whole thing. Perhaps because it was one heck of a concert. That lady can sing. She rocks! No costume-changing was necessary, not even proper shoes…well, she didn’t even had slippers on for goodness sake! It was simply Kelly Clarkson, her performances and her band. Oh yes, we, her fans were there too. It was worth every single cent! Granted, nothing is ever perfect. There were times when the music was rather too loud her voice drowned in it. Nevertheless, her fans were singing along to her and her drowning voice were somehow still heard by her fans.

The other thing, perhaps the one thing that I was very disappointed about was that the sponsors were rather really strict with their photo-taking policy. I remember very clearly that the announcement made said no video and flash photography allowed. I know why video taking is not allowed. I also know why flash photography is not allowed. So, when people started taking photos (without having the flash on) the security insisted that it was prohibited. There were a number of people (including a mother and her two daughters) who were “removed” from their seats (I suppose brought to the security base or something) and return to their seats only after one or two songs and never again did they take any photo. I found that very annoying. Thank god it didn’t happen to me as I stopped taking photos seconds before the security got into their position/spots. Honestly, if it happens to me, I will surely tell them to have another look at their own announcement and insist to continue taking photos.

Whatever off-putting things there were (the fact that I was having really bad sore throat, flue etc and very strict organisers) if there is another Kelly Clarkson concert, if I am still alive, I will definitely go.

Oh ya, it was her birthday a day before the concert.

Kelly Clarkson – Birthday in Kuala Lumpur