Saturday, April 3rd, 2010, I watched Alice in Wonderland for the 2nd time, but am not going to talk about the movie in this post. I will talk about all the food I ate on that day alone. All the food in one day.

First Stop – Vivo, The Curve

First stop was for lunch, before the movie. The last time I was there, I think I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara and my friend ordered Pepperoni Pizza. I can not remember the experience, good or bad, so we took the “risk” and went back again to Vivo. This time around, I ordered the Pesto Spaghetti and my friend ordered Beef Lasagna. When the food arrived, we had the impression that they would taste great as they smelt great. My Pesto was too bland. I was not able to even point out exactly what was missing. The Pesto was simply tasteless. The best Pesto I ever had was at Swensen’s. Like Aglio Olio, I find it hard to find places that serve really good Pesto. Swensen’s however, is not as common as the usual fast food chains. Thank god we still have it at Sungei Wang Plaza, although it is just a hassle to go there, the city center, the traffic congestion “hub”. Back at Vivo, the Beef Lasagna was not impressive as well. Although not as tasteless, it was still rather disappointing. But I have to say, the Iced Lemon Tea was really good!

Beef Lasagna @ Vivo, The Curve

Pesto @ Vivo, The Curve

After the disappointing lunch at Vivo, we made our moves to the cinema. Going in, at the concourse area, there was this “LAH” promotion going on. Not sure what it was exactly but it was really noisy and annoying. Neither the “show” was entertaining nor was it anything at all. It was so loud, we could hear the MC babbling whilst the movie was going on inside. For goodness sake, the crowd was rather small. The area was definitely small. I just do not get why it had to be so loud! Also, why was the cinema hall not sound-proofed? I mean if the halls are sound-proofed, it would not really matter what is going out outside wouldn’t it?

Second Stop – Duduk Cafe, Cineleisure Damansara

We were looking for the washroom after leaving the cinema. After almost two hours and still quite an empty stomach, we were also looking out for a place to eat. We saw a banner, displaying what looked like a very tasty desert. I suggested to my friend that we have some light food before we walk around at the Street Market. Off we went to Duduk Cafe. Al suggested this place when we were looking for a venue to celebrate Hazlina’s and Ilya’s birthdays, but since the birthday “party” was arranged after office hours, the (Damansara) area did not seem like a great idea. The traffic would be horrible there (as always).

We got there, Duduk Cafe and oh it was very comfortable. There were three different settings and we chose the “lazy” corner. (see pic below)

“Duduk Area” @ Duduk Cafe

We saw quite a number of tasty looking dishes there and so, we decided to try them out. Oh well, the place was comfortable, we thought we should sit there a while (an excuse to eat more LOL). I ordered Beef Lasagna (yes, how can I decide to have something we had earlier? I do not know why…). I also ordered the Mississippi Mud Brownie. My friend ordered the Shepherd’s Pie and Black Forest Cuppy (it is a cup cake but a big one in a plastic cup). All that we ordered were good. They taste they way they should. The Mississippi Mud Brownie was simply brilliant! Might I add, the price was really reasonable too. Duduk Cafe is one of the places I will not hesitate to promote.

Beef Lasagna ala Duduk @ Duduk Cafe

Mississippi Mud Brownie @ Duduk Cafe

Shepherds Pie @ Duduk Cafe

Black Forest Cuppy @ Duduk Cafe