Aaah, another day, another night but, it won’t be any day or any night if spent well. Friday, 26th March 2010 was one of those nights. No ordinary night. A night well spent. 21st March was Hazlina’s birthday, followed by Ilya’s birthday, that 26th March itself where a number of us had dinner to celebrate the lives of these two lovely ladies. They are both still very young(ish).

Dinner was at Delicious Bangsar Village II. This time around all the food were good. We had our rounds and “bumps” when it comes to Delicious so we know what NOT to order. We were too full that we became more or less crazy-high on sugar-drunk. No alcohol was served but some of us looked as if we had too much to drink! That I think would translate the fun time we had with each other. I hope we could have more of these bonding session-get together events going on. We have more birthdays to celebrate for sure. Look at the group photo, obviously the rest deserve the same treatment LOL.

(L-R : Jazlin, Ilya, Ema, Iqbal, Farrah, Sarah, Arianna, Al, Hazlina & Gina AR)

(Ed – behind the scene)

(L-R : Hazlina – Birthday Girl 1 and Gina AR)

(L-R : Ed (the husband who lost a bet LOL) & Ilya – Birthday Girl 2)