Zee Avi, a small person in size but is huge with her fans. She is one talented lady. I was lucky to get to attend her live performance at Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur. It was amazing. She was a natural. Her fans know the lyrics to all her songs! That’s how huge she is with her fans. Her album went GOLD here in Malaysia. (She gave it to her father on stage as a birthday gift)

Not only that she has a great voice, but she is a good entertainer too. I, for one, was entertained. She was so cute with her “Jap, jap jap” (in English “Hold on, hold on, hold on”) and “Apadia?” (in English “Say what?”). She was fun to watch and lovely to listen. Her voice reminded me of that of Norah Jone’s (only Zee Avi sounds sexier with her deeper voice). She sounded very mature (for such a small person, well at least to the Westerners. She is Asian size I think).

However, there are quite a number of people who do not know who Zee Avi is. For more info on Zee Avi, visit the websites below –

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