Sunday last, I had picnic at the Lake Garden with a bunch of nice people and babies. The weather was very nice save for the lack of wind. With some cool wind, the picnic would have been perfect. Hazlina made lasagna, which was so good! Maisarah Noor made shepherds pie, which was good too. Others bought nasi lemak, bihun goreng, tuna sandwich, junk food, etc. I brought with me 2 bottles of cool mineral water and a box of high calcium vegetable biscuits LOL. We can not blame the mothers for buying and not cooking/preparing anything. They have babies. I could see then that having 1 would make you busier than others, what more if you have 2, like AL. Thank god Adam was so cool and macho, he minded his own business, with the fathers of course LOL. Arianna too sort of minded her own business, sitting around Ilya at all times. Iqbal, oh, he was the big brother with Adam gone minding his business with the dinosaurs with the fathers. Awal, he seemed like a baby with not that many demands. I suppose since he was sitting with me almost half of the time, what could he possibly do. I am the “aunty G” as the mothers put it. All I did was fan them kids (with a plastic plate) so that they do not get too hot thus becoming grumpy. So, whilst all the babies (save for Arianna) were at the “nursery” with aunty G, the mothers had their breakfast. Hazlina had her turns too, taking care of the kids. I did not mind at all as those babies/kids were just adorable. Adam too, even though he kept on “disappearing away” from the mothers-babies and aunty G’s (nursery) area. Well, he was too cool and macho to hang out with mothers, aunts and babies LOL. Just after the mothers and aunts finished with breakfast, the kids started a synchronized noise. They started a choir! They were all hungry at the same time and oh my goodness, the mothers acted really quick, it was like an action movie LOL. Irregardless of the crying, the almost fights that the babies were having with each other over everything from drumming Al’s boxy bag, a biscuit container and a dumbo, it was a fun picnic. There were talks of a next get together, perhaps the zoo or the bird park (where we foresee that the mothers would be more excited than the kids). I would not mind having those fun kids with me, and of course the mothers and the aunts too.

(L-R) Najida’s husband (I think his name is Aiman), Ed, Ilya, Arianna, Awal, Al, Hazlina, Najida, Iqbal, Ema & Omar

(Sitting in front) Gina A.R (that is me of course), Maisarah Noor & Adam