Lunch, Kenny Rogers, nice friendly people and friends. Having lunch at Kenny Rogers should be something rather ordinary, nothing extraordinary. I can not remember the last time I had anything from Kenny Rogers! The menu is “standard”. The taste is, well, the same. However, there is nothing ordinary about meeting new people and being surrounded by warmth.

My lunch today was no ordinary lunch. I had lunch with two friends, one of whom, Al,  I had known since 1998/1999; more than 10 years ago and oh my God, how time flies it does not feel like it was 10 years ago. Al brought along 2 of her colleagues. I have never met them before today but my goodness, they were really friendly. The kind of people you would just say “Oh, they are my friends!” the moment you finish your lunch LOL. One of them even showed my colleague cum friend (the other friend, not Al) and I photos of her children when we dropped by their office! It is not often I meet this kind of people. Well, not me personally.

So, there are times when the ordinary becomes anything but simply because of those around us. Roses are just flowers until they are given to us by someone special. A cake is simply a cake unless it is our birthday(cake).