Yes, I had lunch at Kenny Rogers. I then had (very) late dinner (at 10.00pm) with my eldest sister. We were out and about as soon as I leave the office to fetch her and wanted to finish what we were doing before we sit down for dinner. We had sandwiches in mind but I could only think of JJ’s Fusion and the only JJ’s Fusion outlet I could think of was the one in Mid Valley Megamall. Who in their right mind go to MVMM at 10.00pm for a sandwich?! Not me, not my eldest sister. Since we were already in Bangsar, we decided to have dinner at Marco’s. We wanted to order pizza but the smallest comes with 8 slices. Oh, no, not for these 2 petite sisters. Our stomachs will not be able to take that many slices of pizza and wasting food is not “green”. So, we decided to share the pasta. We ordered spaghetti carbonara as my eldest sister wanted white sauce/cream based pasta.

I have to say, “Compliments to the chef!”. It was good. We both liked it. In addition to the spaghetti carbonara, I ordered the minestrone soup. It was fine. Thick but fine. My eldest sister hated it tho. She prefers those milky creamy soup e.g. mushroom soup.

Since I ordered one additional dish, my eldest sister decided that perhaps she should too and thus ordering the garlic bread. We were shocked when the garlic bread arrives. It was not meant for 2. Definitely not us LOL. We packed and we left Bangsar Village sometime after 10.30pm.

(the garlic bread look quite small here)

P.s. Try Marco’s rather than “sticking” to familiar restaurants like the Itallianies ;p