I had dinner at delicious (at OU) last night with my two (old) friends, Rose & Yaya. I ordered myself the spicy seafood spaghetti, for the second time. The first time I had spicy seafood spaghetti at delicious was when I had lunch at delicious at Dua Residency. Both times,disappointing. Rose ordered the Nyonya curry laksa. Yaya ordered the spicy crabmeat linguini (I think). Both of them said they were disappointed. For everyone’s benefit, I must say, all my other visits to delicious were not bad. I do not think that the food was so disappointing, save for the spicy seafood spaghetti I suppose, since each time I had it, it was not good. Perhaps the cook had a bad or full day, which in turn resulted in our not-so-good experience last night. Oh, one nice thing is that one of the waitresses was very helpful (to the extent of re-arranging the sofas for us) when we asked for her assistance with our little photography session! We asked for the bill and whilst we were busy paying, she was still thinking of the most suitable “location” for us to snap more photos! I suppose when we are nice to others, others will be too 😉

(the gap is meant for another girl who could not make it where she is supposed to “add” photo there in that area)

(the waitress re-arranged the sofa for this shot)

Visit delicious at [delicious]. You can check out the menu, location, etc from there.

P.s. One place I know where the spicy seafood spaghetti often never disappoint is Cafe Libre in Taman Desa.